Gattimela 11 February 2021 Written Update: Suhasini sets a trap for Adya

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February 10, 2021



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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya is elated when Vedanth tells her about their upcoming business trip to Agra. On learning that Amulya’s parents will be accompanying her on the trip, Vikrant comes up with an idea to keep them away from Amulya and Vedanth.

Watch what will happen next on Gattimela:

In the next episode of Gattimela, Suhasini overhears Adya and Sarthak’s plan to go out. Suhasini and Parmananda tell Sarthak that they are going out. Once Sarthak steps out of the house, Suhasini and Parmananda return home. Elsewhere, Vikrant waits for Adya and Sarthak. Back at home, Suhasini sets a trap to get Adya trip on the stairs.

Sarthak calls Adya and asks him to come downstairs. While rushing down the stairs, Adya trips and falls down the stairs. On hurting herself, Adya cries out in pain. Meanwhile, Suhasini and Parmananda rejoice about the success of their plan. Sarthak is shocked on seeing an injured Adya. Adya stops Sarthak from telling Vikrant about her miscarriage. Adya and Sarthak get emotional thinking about the loss of their unborn child.

Vedanth calls Sarthak. Adya requests him to hide the truth about her miscarriage from her brothers. Adya lies to Vedanth when he questions her about her whereabouts and for her sounding low. Adya tries to stay strong for her brothers. Later, Sarthak tries to console an emotional Adya. On being asked by Sarthak, Adya tells him the reason for her lying to Vedanth. Sarthak consoles Adya when she blames herself for her miscarriage.

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