Gattimela 10 September 2021 Written Update: Suhasini tries to scare Aarati

Suhasini tries to scare Aarati by talking about an accident that took place 20 years ago, which resulted in a death in their family.


September 9, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarati’s strange behaviour and talks about postponing Amulya’s wedding surprises the latter. Amulya gets emotional when Vedanth asks her to not change her last name after their wedding. Later, Vikrant arrives at the park and saves Dhruva’s life thus foiling Kishan and Suhasini’s plan to kill Dhruva.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Amulya leaves from Vedanth’s house mumbling to herself how while she was in his house he was being romantic but when she left he didn’t even offer to drop her home. She is surprised when Vedanth suddenly arrives and puts flowers on her hair, her favourite ones, delighting her. Amulya tells Vedanth that if he showers so much love on her in one single day, she might fall ill due to being over happy. When she starts talking about dying, Vedanth stops her. He tells her how they are about to start a new life together, so she should only talk positive things and not wonder about death. Later, Amulya blushes when Vedanth kisses her. She then rebukes him for kissing her and stops him from repeating the same. At night, Vedanth rebukes Amulya when she complains about his constant calls and asks her to hand the call over to Manjunath. He asks her to tell Manjunath about their wedding invitations being ready.

At the park, Vikrant tells Dhruva how he too had once got a call from Mr X and when he went to meet him someone tried to kill him. He tells Dhruva how Mr X told him about Suhasini and Sridhar not being Vedanth’s parents and how before he could tell Vedanth the same he met with an accident. Vikrant wonders that someone is keeping tabs on him and Dhruva, due to which they are able to monitor their actions and try to kill them so easily. Dhruva is surprised when Vikrant suspects Suhasini of trying to kill them. Later, Dhruva asks Vikrant to be patient and wait for the right time to teach Suhasini a lesson and reveal her misdeeds.

Elsewhere, while ironing clothes, Aarati is unable to stop thinking about the priest’s warning and in a dazed state she misses out on the burning shirt. Suhasini arrives and reprimands Aarati for her carelessness. Suhasini is elated when Aarati tells her how she is worried about Amulya and Vedanth’s wedding. Suhasini tries to scare Aarati by talking about an accident that took place 20 years back which resulted in someone’s death. Furthermore, Suhasini refuses to reveal the name of the person who died and asks Aarati to not tell anyone in the family about what she told her.

Vikrant and Dhruva contemplate how to reveal Suhasini’s misdeeds in front of Vedanth. Dhruva tells Vikrant how Suhasini lies to Vedanth and steals money from his company and when he stole money from her room she tried to get him killed. Vikrant is shocked when Dhruva reveals that Suhasini is not their birth mother.

Vedanth then teases Vikrant and Dhruva about them partying together. Vikrant feels emotional thinking about how Vedanth has always looked after him. Vedanth tells his brothers about the wedding invitations being ready and asks them to be quick with preparing the wedding guest list. Later, Vikrant and Dhruva decide to war against Suhasini and that they need to be careful about their moves as Suhasini will keep a close tab on them. The next day, Suhasini is surprised when Dhruva and Vikrant bring Lord Ganesha’s idol home and talk about the wedding invitations being ready and about performing the cards puja along with Lord Ganesha’s.

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