Gattimela 1 September 2021 Written Update: Dhruva rescues Adithi from Kishan’s goons

While Vedanth wins the race, Dhruva comes to Adithi’s rescue at Parimala’s canteen and fights with Kishan’s goons.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, when Vedanth, Amulya, Vikrant, and Aarati go on a bike ride, they come across a group of bikers who talk crudely about Amulya. When Vedanth warns the biker they challenge him to a race, which makes Amulya nervous. Elsewhere, Kishan’s goons, present at Parimala’s canteen, put Kishan’s hideous plan into action.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, as the race reaches the last lap, Amulya and Aarati start to get nervous. Furthermore, to their delight, Vedanth wins the race. After winning the race, Vedanth reminds the bikers of the terms of losing the race and gives them a stern warning. The bikers are surprised when Vedanth reveals his name to them. According to the terms set, the bikers do situps and apologise to Amulya for their behaviour. Amulya warns the bikers of their behaviour and asks them to leave. An elated Amulya hugs and kisses Vedanth for winning the bike race and the couple continues with their bike ride.

At Parimala’s canteen, Manjunath urges the goons to leave Adithi alone, but the goon refuses to let Adithi go even while she struggles to free herself. To everyone’s relief, Dhruva arrives at the scene and hits the goon holding Adithi’s hand and frees her from him. The goons threaten Dhruva for hitting them, which leads to a fight. To Adithi’s delight, Dhruva thrashes the goons, while Parimala is unable to bear the sight of the fight. While the fight goes on, Kishan calls one of his goons and tells him to beat up Dhruva.

While helping Dhruva, Adithi professes her love to him and is surprised when he returns the same sentiment. She wonders if she heard him correctly and thinks about asking him again about his answer. Everyone is shocked when a goon hits Dhruva on his head, while this delights Kishan, who uses that opportunity to go to the canteen and pretend to be Dhruva and Parimala’s saviour. Parimala and Manjunath thank Kishan for helping them and extend their hospitality to him.

Adithi asks Dhruva what he told her during the fight, to which he deflects. Kishan calls his bikers and asks them about the race and rebukes them when he learns that Vedanth won the race. The next day, Amulya calls Vedanth and tells him how she enjoyed their bike ride and asks if they can again. Vedanth and Amulya then talk about how they should go on their honeymoon on a bike. Amulya goes to Vedanth’s house with the breakfast prepared by Parimala. Vikrant and Vedanth enjoy the breakfast and Suhasini gets furious at seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Dhruva delights at seeing Suhasini getting furious at seeing the unity of her sons and thinks how he will soon oust her from his house and prove her deceit.

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