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Gattimela 1 June 2022 Written Update: Vaidehi decides to tell Vaijayanti the truth


June 4, 2022

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Vaijayanti recognises the tune that Vaidehi hums and gets emotional and her emotional reaction motivates Vaidehi to be brave and reveal the truth to Vaijayanti.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth and Amulya get worried when they learn about Parimala’s votive offering. To help Parimala, Amulya decides to the offering on her behalf and Vedanth supports her decision.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Parimala gives Amulya her blessing and asks her to begin the votive offering. Vedanth expresses his concern about Amulya walking on her knees and offers to lay down a carpet around the temple so that she can complete the votive offering with ease. Amulya declines the same and shares her view of doing the task as it is. Vedanth’s concern for Amulya delights Parimala and she prays that Adithi too finds a loving husband. Elsewhere, Aarati learns about the votive offering from Adya and Vaidehi, and the news moves Aarati. Vaidehi offers to take Aarati to the temple.

At the temple, Parimala and Adithi argue about the number of rounds pending that Amulya needs to complete. Vedanth gets restless on seeing Amulya struggle to complete the ritual. Vikrant realises Vedanth’s worries and feels proud of their bond. Vedanth talks to Vikrant about how people misunderstand Amulya to be an irresponsible person and do not know about her care and love for others. Elsewhere, Suhasini mocks Vaidehi and berates her for deciding to take Aarati to the temple.

Vedanth tells Vikrant about how Amulya is proving to be a perfect sister to Aarati and the duo decides to do something for Aarati and seek the priest’s guidance. Furthermore, Vikrant gets nervous and expresses his concern when Vedanth decides to sweep the temple. Adithi is surprised on seeing Vedanth and Vikrant sweeping around the temple. Parimala motivates Amulya to continue the task. Elsewhere, Vaijayanti is surprised when Vaidehi hums a familiar tune while she folds Vaijayanti’s sarees and it reminds Vaijayanti of her deceased daughter. Vaidehi is surprised when Vaijayanti addresses her by her real name and starts talking about the similarities between them. Vaidehi gets nervous when Vaijayanti asks her to reveal the truth about her identity and Vaidehi decides to tell Vaijayanti the truth and addresses her as mother.

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