Gattimela 08 July 2021 Written Update: Discussion about Dhruva irritates Vedanth

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July 7, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini overhears Adya and Dhruva’s conversation and vows to never let him return home. Later, Vedanth gets angry when Amulya asks him if he will ever forgive Dhruva and reconcile with him.

In the next episode of Gattimela, Amulya teases Vedanth about how he gets weak staying out in the sun. He curses Amulya’s bike for them having to wait in the heat. When he teases her about her bikes, she rebukes him. Furthermore, Amulya is surprised when Vedanth gives her red roses. Seeing this, she hugs him, but he asks her to control her emotions as they are in the middle of the road. Amulya’s thoughtful gift of a pack of dry fruits surprises Vedanth. She tells him her reason behind giving such a gift which delights him.

Parimala grumbles about the heat. She wonders if she should take an autorickshaw home, but then decides to not do so after remembering her financial constraints. She comes across a stranger, crying on the road and offers him water. She asks this person as to what is bothering him. He tells her about his 4-year-old son who is hospitalised due to kidney failure. He thanks her for listening to his problems and leaves when he gets a call from the hospital.

Sarthak and Vikrant feel delighted about their prank. Kanta checks his phone and sees a call from Meenu and asks Vikrant if he answered the call and lies to him that Meenu is his relative. Kanta calls Meenu who lashes out at him for cheating on her. Kanta suspects Vikrant and Sarthak being responsible for Meenu’s anger and questions them. Elsewhere, Parimala is unable to stop worrying about her finances. She is surprised when she comes across Dhruva who drops her home. Seeing that Parimala seems disturbed he asks her the reason for the same. He offers his help when she shares her financial worries. Later, Vedanth gets irritated when Amulya tries to talk to him about Dhruva.

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