Game Of The Week: Fantasy Sky Diver Is A Fun Game Which Is Surprisingly Funny Too

Fantasy Skydiver is a fun game to enjoy where you gain points by dodging helicopters, pianos, flying unicorns and much more.

Kenneth Carneiro

July 27, 2020


2 min


While you living life under lockdown the need for adventure becomes more and more intense. If you are looking the the thrill of skydiving with a funny twist then Fantasy Skydiving is the game for you.

Watch a trailer for the arcade games on ZEE5.

Fantasy Skydive is a simple enough game where you play as a character flying down towards the earth in a parachute. There are around 12 levels of increasing difficulty for you to try. What’s unique about this game is the obstacles that you have to avoid to ensure that you land safely with your parachute intact.

As you improve on each level your obstacles will get tougher. For example you will only dodge small birds. As your go to the higher levels you will have to dodge helicopters, drones cyclones, thunderclouds and much more. Some of the more absurd obstacles you face are falling cows, falling pianos, unicorns and flying superheroes. All of this is only in the first four levels we tried.

Try out this game and find out what the next levels of absurdity hold. If you find yourself enjoying this game then you also also try out the Fantasy Sushi Diver where you will avoid obstacles underwater to catch fish and make sushi.

For more details on the new games available on ZEE5 click here.

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