G.O.D Trailer Review: An Intense Saga Of Revenge And Power With A Strong Ensemble Cast

The trailer of Gods Of Dharmapuri (G.O.D) gives us a good glimpse at the intense tale of power, revenge and action that it entails

Sneha Bale

October 4, 2019


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The much-awaited trailer of Gods Of Dharamapuri (G.O.D) is finally out. To start off with, the ZEE5 Original boasts of a strong and stellar ensemble cast. It features Raj Deepak Shetty, Shruty Jayan, Satyadev Kancharla, Kartik Ratnam, Bala Aditya, LB Sriram, Chandini Chowdary amongst others in notable and important roles. Helmed by actor-director Anish Kuruvilla and shot by Naveen Yadav, Gods Of Dharamapuri is produced by Radhika Lavu’s Ellanar Films. This ZEE5 original releases on October 23, 2019.

Watch the trailer here:

The story is set during the ’80s in the town of Dharampuri which lies on the border of Karnataka and Rayalaseema. A town that lacks development not because of illiteracy but because of feudalism. This feudalism has seeped deep into the roots of the land and bones of the people. Just like the town of Dharmapuri, the story too begins with the need for some hope, a new ray of light and a leader who can drag them out of the darkness.

Satyadev from GOD Trailer
Satyadev from GOD Trailer

And that change, apparently, will be bestowed upon Dharampuri by Satyadev, who plays Vinu Reddy. Vinu, on the surface, seems to be a regular boy who is happy in what he has. He lives a normal life and has a girl by his side, who seems to be the one for him. But fate has other plans for him and he is sucked into the vortex of lust, greed, power and position. He is constantly on the run and the hunger to achieve whatever that he is seeking out for grows through the course of the film’s trailer.

Still from GOD Trailer
A still from GOD Trailer

Since it has a Rayalaseema backdrop, we can expect loads of gore and bloodshed. During the first 10 seconds of the trailer itself, we see a flying sickle and a chopped-off hand. We also see splatters of blood on people a few times. There are protests, silent meetings, under-the-table deals, evil laughter, the misery of the homemakers and more. We would like to second Satyadev Kancharla’s statement that “there has been nothing like this in the Telugu OTT space before”.

Watch out for this intense drama on October 23rd only on ZEE5. In the meantime, watch Amala Akkineni’s High Priestess here.

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