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From Sai To Divya, 5 Zee Marathi Leading Ladies Who Are Solely Fighting For The Good

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May 15, 2021

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From Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai to Devmanus’ Divya, there are many sassy and inspiring characters. Though they may be flawed at times, these characters give their best to tackle the shortcomings. And they are all set for another mission!

Earlier, most of the television shows were themed as ‘damsel in distress’ stories. In here, the female leads were bound to specified characteristics. From indulging in pujas for their husbands to getting bashed by their mothers-in-law, the female characters seemed a part of lazy writing. However, with the new wave of television, things have changed for good. While there has been a surge of bold female leads, many TV shows are based on modern-age women. Similarly, Zee Marathi has treated us with many stories of spunky female leads.

From Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai to Devmanus’ Divya, there are many sassy characters who have inspired real-life women. Though these characters may be flawed at times, they give their best to tackle the shortcomings. And this has been an interesting aspect of each of these stories. Now, as per the recent happenings in each show, we are yet again witnessed these ladies at the forefront.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 Zee Marathi leading ladies who are solely fighting for the good.


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Sai has emerged as the ideal sunbai of the Brahmes. From her cooking escapades to guiding Aditya, she has become an inspiring family woman. And now her new mission is to introduce Gulpreet as the sunbai of Brahmes and as a lawfully wedded wife of Bandhu Mama. It’s not that easy as it seems, she’ll have to overcome Dada Mama and his strict notions. However, Sai has already weaved a great plan to accomplish her secret mission.

Though she has Aditya for her assistance, Sai has planned to confront Dada Mama with the truth, all alone. Well, it would be interesting to see how she gets through it.

Saro Ajji

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Saro Ajji has always stood by her instincts and that’s what makes her the most visionary character of Devmanus. While all the villagers consider Ajit as ‘Devmanus’, it is only Saro Ajji who doubts his intentions. And her instincts have proved out to be apt. However, a big problem that lies ahead of her is Ajit and Dimple’s marriage. 

Saro Ajji has viewed that she won’t let this marriage happen. It would be interesting to see what plans she comes up with to do so.


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ACP Divya’s fierce personality has brought in a much-needed change in the thriller Devmanus. As Divya is invested in catching Devi Singh red-handed, the viewers are completely hooked to their screens. However, Ajit’s antics have proved to be the biggest restriction in her investigation. Yet, Divya has not given up and she’s trying her best to solve the murder mysteries.

We would see her coming up with new plans to catch Devi Singh in her trap.


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While all the Naiks have become greedy for the ancestral land, it is Indumati who’s trying her best to restrict them. She’s fighting to keep her family safe and intact. Indumati’s only wish is to relive the good old days when the Naiks used to be the prosperous family of the village. Also, she wants her dysfunctional family to reunite and live happily with each other. Getting along with Abhiram, she’s trying her best to do so.


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Kaveri is suffering her worst nightmare in the Naik house. She has been housed by Shevanta’s spirit and thus she experiences some weird delusions. Kaveri is unknowingly leading two fights on her own. Firstly, dealing with all the weird experiences she’s having at the wada. Also, she has become a guide in Abhiram’s plan to reunite all the Naiks together. Recently, we also saw her solely taking the stand against the antics of Purva’s father-in-law.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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