From Rageful Outbursts To Enduring Moments, Here Are The Best Scenes From ZEE5’s Mugilan

Mugilan, starring Karthik Raj and Ramya Pandian in the lead is a gangster-drama. Here are some of the best scenes of the series. Read the full update.

Nikhil Pandey

November 5, 2020

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Mugilan, starring Karthik Raj and Ramya Pandian in the lead, narrates the tale of a local gangster who rises above to become one of an underworld kingpin. The eight-part series premiered on Friday, October 30, 2020, and has managed to impress the critics and audiences alike. Here are some of the scenes from Mugilan that encapsulates the best moments of the series.

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Mugilan starts with a murder, and as the investigation progresses, multiple characters are introduced. Mugilan essayed by Karthik Raj is a middle-aged man who becomes the prime suspect of the murder investigation. When Mugilan’s daughter Malar rests her head on her father’s shoulder, in that brief moment, the human side of his character is on display. This scene humanises Mugilan and shows the audiences the enduring father he is.

Mugilan on Zee 5
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Mugilan, who starts his journey as an accountant under Maheshwari’s father (Ramya Pandian), starts developing feeling for her after their first meeting. Mugilan’s kindness wins over Maheshwari, who starts getting close to him. In this scene, Mugilan and Maheshwari’s love starts blossoming. Interestingly, Maheshwari proposes her love for Mugilan before, and she has a pivotal role in his life.

Mugilan on Zee 5
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Mugilan, who fights all odds to survive, succumbs to death. Moments before his death, he retrospects moments spent with Maheshwari and sobs. Mugilan who took hundreds of lives in a blink of an eye, fears of death. In what is one of the most enduring scenes of Mugilan, Karthik Raj impresses with his acting chops.

Mugilan, written and directed by Sri Ram Ram, also features actors like Aadukalam Naren, Gayatri Rema, Robert, among others in prominent roles. The dialogues of Mugilan are written by Ragav S and Saravanan VN. The series is edited by Tamil Arasan who previously worked in movies like Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja (2019), among others.

Mugilan premiered on ZEE5 on October 30 and has been receiving positive reviews from all quarters. Audiences are raving about Karthik Raj’s character and the riveting screenplay of the series. You can watch Mugilan after you subscribe to ZEE5 Premium.

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