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From Mithai’s Torsha to Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’s Janhvi, 5 obsessive lovers we don’t want to encounter in real life

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 6, 2021

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Here is a list of characters who are apt example of obsessive lovers and we don’t want to cross path with such people in real life.

Zee Bangla’s shows have always been a reflection of the society we live in. So its characters, whether good or bad, are inspired by people that exist in our day-to-day life. When it comes to the obsessive lovers of these shows, we might be entertained by their tactics on the television screen but in real life, we definitely do not want to come across such characters.

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Torsha in Mithai

Mithai’s Torsha is an apt example of an obsessive lover. She has always had feelings for Siddhartha but he has never expressed any romantic feelings for her. Ever since Siddhartha got married to Mithai, Torsha has always grabbed every opportunity to demean Mithai. Torsha, along with her mother, has started planning how to separate Mithai and Siddhartha and wants to get married to Siddhartha instead. She even went to the hotel where Mithai and Siddhartha were supposed to enjoy their honeymoon, in order to spend time with Siddhartha alone. How much more obsessed can one be?

Torsha in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

Arya in Jamuna Dhaki

Jamuna Dhaki’s Arya was an ex-lover of Sangeet but even after his marriage to Jamuna, she has not given up on him. Her obsession has now taken the form of insanity. From trying to sedate Sangeet in order to keep him close to her to conspiring against Jamuna and trying to kill her, Arya has crossed all boundaries. Not only that, but she has joined hands with Ragini and Rajanya in order to get her hands on the wealth of the Ray family.

Arja in Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Jahnvi in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay

Jahnvi of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay is a shameless, obsessive lover. She has time and again tried to initiate an affair with Karna. She has shamelessly flirted with him and has tried to manipulate him to get into an extra-marital affair with her. Even when they were in front of the whole Sen family, she tried to seduce him with her sensuous moves on Valentines’ Day. From dressing up like Radhika to drawing Karna into a room, Jahnvi has done it all to be with Karna but alas! all her attempts were in vain.

Jahnvi in Ki kore bolbo tomay
Source: ZEE5

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Koushani in Jibon Saathi

If a person reaches the height of obsessiveness and tries to harm her own family member, it is called insanity. We are definitely talking about Koushani from Jibon Saathi. She has left no stones unturned in order to have Rik for herself. She has always been obsessed with him even though he has always loved Koushani’s twin sister Oishani. Even during Rik and Oishani’s marriage, Koushani tried her level best to take Oishani’s place and we mean quite literally. She crashed the wedding and pushed Oishani, resulting in Rik putting vermillion on Koushani’s forehead. Someone like Koushani needs psychological help before marriage.

Koushani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

Trisha in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay

Karna seems to have a lot of obsessive lovers who want to marry him. Trisha is another one of them. She is Payel’s sister and her partner-in-crime. She has had her eye on Karna since the beginning and has always wanted to marry him. She gets quite hysterical if any woman comes near Karna and is seen constantly planning and plotting with Payel in order to separate Karna and Radhika.

Trisha in Ki kore bolbo tomay
Source: ZEE5

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