From Manav In Pavitra Rishta to Manny In Dil Bechara, Sushant Singh Rajput Left Behind Pearls Of Wisdom

Sushant Singh Rajput was an inspiration in the way he lived and loved and still continues to motivate us with his movies.


August 6, 2020



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The late Sushant Singh Rajput has become a name synonymous with talent, intelligence, and brilliant performances. His journey in the industry began with Manav from the very popular Zee TV show, Pavitra Rishta, and ceased with Manny from Dil Bechara. All through his movies and various characters, he has given us many inspiring anecdotes and moments that speak to our hearts. Here’s listing a few of the many wise words by our lost star.

You can watch the trailer of Kedarnath here:

Here are a few of his amazing quotes that will teach us the real meaning of life.


A still from Kedarnath
A still from Kedarnath (Source: Online Portal)

Set in the backdrop of the Kedarnath temple, Sushant’s character Mansoor is a simple porter devoted to Mahadev. This sweet moment comes when someone’s phone is found on Rustom’s back. Mansoor realizes the phone belongs to one of the pilgrims he had dropped in the morning to Kedarnath and rushes to return it to its owner. Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) protests as the climb back up could be almost 2 hours! But he makes her understand that he can’t let such an incident taint the pilgrim’s beautiful memory of Kedarnath.


A still from Sonchiriya
A still from Sonchiriya (Source: Online Portal)

Sushant plays the role of Lakhna, a dacoit that works under Dadda Maan Singh. Their fight against the government’s wrongdoings in the name of the law is the center of the story. In this context, Lakhna points out the corruption in those who are supposed to follow the law, stating how their false promises kill people, not their bullets. 


A still from Chhichhore
A still from Chhichhore (Source: YouTube)

A simple light-hearted movie of college experiences that showcases the essence of being young and living our life to the fullest, Chhichhore was surely filled with a number of sayings that could inspire us to turn into a new leaf. One of its most remembered ones is when Sushant’s character Ani tells his son the mantra of living a happy life. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but if you try your best to win, then you will never be a loser. 

Dil Bechara

A still from Dil Bechara
A still from Dil Bechara (Source: YouTube)

A beautiful line said during a heart-wrenching moment, this quote from the last role he played as Manny will stay with you long after the movie’s end. It states the simple truth that our life or death is not in our hands, but the way we live our life is for us to decide. It inspires us to live each moment with our heart and soul and make the best of it.


A still from Raabta
A still from Raabta (Source: YouTube)

An innocent description of their bond in just a few words, Shiv tells Saira about the difficult time coming up as they’ll be separated. Their love is going to be tested but knew the wait is worth it if it’s for Saira.

M.S. Dhoni

A still of MS Dhoni (Source_ Indian Express)

A still from M.S. Dhoni
A still from M.S. Dhoni (Source: Indian Express)

A well-made movie with an awe-inspiring story, it shows Dhoni as he rose to be the captain of the Indian cricket team. After all the struggles and hardships, Dhoni still knew that he can achieve everything as long as he has a good team, a team effort matters much more than a single person.


A still from P.K.
A still from P.K. (Source: YouTube)

A life quote dressed in the form of a Shayari said by Sarfaraz, it forces us to look at everything in an optimistic manner. To go with life as it takes us through ups and downs, and instead of focusing on the bad memories and people, go to the ones that make us happy and encourage us to be better.

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