From Kiwi Pizza To Chocolate Maggi, Food Combinations That Went Viral In 2020

From Chocolate Maggi to Kiwi on Pizza, here are some of the weirdest food combinations that went viral in 2020.

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December 31, 2020

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We know that the year 2020 is going down in history. From the start to the end, we have witnessed several ups and downs. However, the pandemic also enabled people to channelise this time of isolation into learning new skills, picking up new hobbies and creating new dishes. Here are some of the weirdest food combinations that went viral in 2020. From Dalgona coffee to chocolate Maggi. Read ahead to know more.

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Let’s start on a sweeter note, with the Dalgona Coffee trend. The internet was blasted with several influencers as well as ordinary people posting videos and pictures of themselves making this coffee. Dalgona coffee is made by whipping equal portions of instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water. Once it begins to foam, you then add in hot or cold milk. Almost everyone tried their hand at making it during the pandemic. Did you try it?

Next up we have Maggi Pani Puri. A video shared by a Twitterati went viral wherein he cooked Maggi and then filled it in an empty puri. However, it created a storm on the internet as netizens didn’t quite approve of this food combination.

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If you thought Maggi in Pani Puri is weird, then wait for the next one. Chocolate Maggi! Yes, you heard it right. A post that featured everyone’s most loved Maggi along with a bar of chocolate made rounds on the internet. Netizens couldn’t hold back their reactions. Some of them quipped, “Bhagwan maaf nahi karenge”, “Hey bhagwan”.

Other weird combinations that created a storm on the internet were Nutella Biryani and Ferrero Rocher Manchurian. We’re sure you have heard of pineapples on Pizza but have you heard of Kiwi Pizza?

To top it all, our dosas are no longer just sada or masala. We now have ice-cream dosa. This invention by the street vendors of Bengaluru stirred a wave of amusement among netizens. Some of the other food combinations that went viral in 2020 include Gulab Jamun pancake and Curd Maggi. Not sure if these food combinations tasted good or not, but they sure managed to keep us entertained throughout the pandemic.

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