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Anjum Fakih: From Her Favourite Co-Star To Her Relationship Status, Kundali Bhagya Actor Reveals It All On Unboxed With ZEE5

Vatsal Thakore

January 25, 2021

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Kundali Bhagya actress, Anjum Fakih opens up about some unknown facts about her. Read here.

Today we interviewed the beautiful actress and model, Anjum Fakih. She plays Preeta’s sister, Srishti Arora in Kundali Bhagya. Her talent in acting is no secret. Besides Kundali Bhagya, she has also been loved by all in the show Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. We got in touch with her to know some unknown facts about her. Take a look at what she shared!

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Anjum said that she is a night person.

Coffee or tea?

The actress shared that she prefers Tulsi tea.

Gym or yoga?

Anjum said that she prefers the gym.

What was the last lie you said?

The Kundali Bhagya actress said that the last lie she said to herself was “I am fine”.

What is your cheat meal?

Anjum Fakih’s cheat meal is sitaphal (custard apple) ice cream!

Favourite holiday destination?

Anjum said that she would really love to visit Switzerland.

A favourite dish prepared by your mom?

Anjum said that her favourite dish made by her mom is masoor keema biryani.


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What is the last thing you bought under Rs 100?

The actress said, “I was recently in this store called Splash, which had a heavy discount. They also had an offer that if you exceed the amount of Rs 5000 in shopping, they would give a top for Rs 99. So it was that top.”

Last time you used public transport?

The Kundali Bhagya actress said that she had recently used a rickshaw to reach the shooting location when her car was in service.

Favourite book?

Anjum said that she is currently reading Sudha Murthy’s Short Stories, which she is loving.

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One thing you never leave your home without?

Anjum never leaves her home without her cell phone, she said.

One thing not many know about you?

Anjum shared that she is crazy for perfumes and attars.


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Your idea of a perfect date?

The Kundali Bhagya actress said that her perfect date would be a long walk on a beach, holding hands.

Your 3 am friend?

Anjum shared that her 3 am friend is Sanjay Gagnani, who plays Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya.

What is your current state of mind?

“Psyched!” said Anjum.

Are you in a relationship?

Anjum shared that she is not in a relationship, currently.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

‘Entertainer, brutally honest, and tomboy,’ are the three words Anjum describes herself in.

A celebrity you would like to get stuck on an island with?

“Shraddha Arya because she is fun to be around,” Anjum said.

One thing you do when you feel low?

The actress shared that she likes to binge eat ice creams and cheesecakes when feeling low.

A bad habit that no one knows about?

She said that she has a habit of eating a lot of sweets after heavy meals.

Have you ever used your star status to getaway?

“Never. I don’t think anyone considers me a star,” the actress said, laughing.

Favourite co-star?

Anjum said that her favourite co-star is Supriya Shukla, who plays her mother in Kundali Bhagya.

Do Preeta and Karan love each other?

“Of course, they do. And that is because they tolerate each other the best,” the Kundali Bhagya actress said.

How many kids will Preeta and Karan have?

Anjum hilariously said, “I think 11 because Karan is a cricketer!”


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Who loves Preeta the most?

Anjum said that her own character, Srishti, loves her sister Preeta the most.

Who loves Karan the most?

She said that Preeta loves Karan the most.

Will Srishti and Sameer get married in 2021?

Anjum said that she thinks they will not get married for 3 more years.


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