From Devious Ajit To Cunning Soham, 5 Zee Marathi Villains Who Are On The Verge Of Getting Exposed!

Most of the Zee Marathi dramas have reached to its peak point. The protagonists seem to be taking over the devious-minded villains!

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May 12, 2021


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We always find ourselves rooted in the story of the ‘hero’ in shows/movies. While we admire them and love to watch them taking over the adversities, these fictitious characters end up inspiring us. However, we often overlook the fact that it’s the villain who makes the protagonist’s story worth remembering. Saying so, there have been many baddies on television who have always surprised the viewers with their unpredictable personas. Similarly, Zee Marathi shows has a plethora of well-written villainous characters.

Though we wait for the villain’s big expose, there’s always a side of ours that hopes he’ll escape. These new-age villains are written with a sense of realism in them. And that’s one of the reasons why we also feel an unexpected empathy for these not-so-good characters. Recently, in almost all the Zee Marathi shows, the drama has reached a peak point. The protagonists seem to be taking over the devious-minded villains and this has got the viewers highly excited!

So, here’s taking a look at 5 Zee Marathi villains who are on the verge of getting exposed.


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And finally, the viewers have a hope that they will soon witness Ajit’s ‘big exposure’. After his several and successful victim-hunting games, now there might be a dead-end for him. ACP Divya is completely immersed in her investigation, finding new evidence. All loose ends are getting connected and Ajit might get trapped now.

Recently, Divya also accessed a list of new residents in the village in the last year. And Ajit is one of them. So, it won’t take much time for Divya to uncover the truth! And that would be a great resolution to this thrilling saga.


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Anna’s partner-in-crime and the saintly figure Raghunath is known for his gimmicks. From duping innocent villagers to betraying his own friends, Raghu has been one of the most devious villains of TV. However, it seems that his end is near too. While Anna has made an unexpected return, Raghu is trying to get good riddance. But nothing seems to be working out in his favour.

Earlier, he faced Shevanta’s wrath and now he’ll be confronting Anna who’s ready to take his revenge. It remains to be seen if Anna exposes Raghu’s phony saint avatar or if he chooses the violent way.


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Soham from Aggabai Sunbai has found a way to live life without his mother Asawari’s restrictions. He leads a dual life where one side of him is dutiful and obedient to Asawari. Meanwhile, on the other hand, he’s involved in an extramarital affair and secretly continues with his antics without getting caught. Also, when Shubhra caught him red-handed, he trapped her emotionally.

However, unveiling her fierce side, we’ll see Shubhra getting along with Abhijeet to expose Soham and his devious side to Asawari. That would be an interesting twist in the show.


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JD, the new and unhinged villain of Majha Hoshil Na has been a trouble for Aditya and Sai. Recently, he also got Aditya arrested while also terminating him from his job. Though Sai and Aditya decided to keep it a secret from Brahmes, they’ll surely find it out soon. And we might see the Brahmes taking over the Aditya Desai companies to teach JD a lesson.

Also, an interesting twist is that JD is none other than Aditya’s uncle. And also, he’s the culprit behind the accidental death of Aditya’s parents. All of this will get exposed when Brahmes take over the firm.


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Malhotra, the cunning boss of Aditya has always troubled him in many ways. Recently, getting along with JD, he sacked Aditya. But JD is quite fearful of the chairmen of the company i.e., the Brahmes. And that’s the reason why he has maintained decent imagery in front of the Brahme brothers. However, his antics will be exposed when Brahmes become aware of reality. And they might deal with Malhotra in their own ways.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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