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From Darbaan To Chintu Ka Birthday: These ZEE5 Movies Taught Us Something About Life

Vatsal Thakore

December 28, 2020

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From Darbaan, Yaara to Ghoomketu – ZEE5 movies that taught us different values of life.

A lot of times there are movies that touch us in different beautiful ways. In doing so, they also tell us something about life, that we seldom fail to notice. These movies revolve around that one thing they aim to tell us and convey the message in the best way possible. Here are five such movies that we think taught us something about life and human values. 

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1.Darbaan – How Much Loyalty Can Mean to Someone 

Based on a short story by Rabindranath Tagore, Darbaan is a story of friendship and loyalty and tells us how much loyalty can mean to someone. Raicharan (Sharib Hashmi), a poor farmer is a friend of a rich IPS officer, Anukul (Sharad Kelkar). Their friendship dates back to Anukul’s childhood when he was Anukul’s house-help. Meeting after decades, Raicharan sees that Anukul has a son and takes him outdoors to play. An accident makes him lose the child and he is drowned in guilt. Out of loyalty and friendship, Raicharan makes a huge sacrifice to amend his mistake.

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2. Yaara – Friendship Before Everything Else

The story revolves around 5 gangsters who were best friends and how their lives changed since they first became friends. The one challenge they now face is rescuing one of them from an arrest. The movie proceeds to tell us how those friends risk their lives and put everything at stake to rescue one of their own. They show us that friendship comes before everything else.

Watch Yaara on ZEE5.

3. Chintu Ka Birthday – Family is the Light in the Darkest of Times

Chintu Ka Birthday is the story of a family who has moved to Iraq from India and wants to celebrate the birthday of the youngest child in their house – Chintu. Suddenly a war situation breaks out, stopping the celebration. Some events lead to a situation where Chintu’s father (Vinay Pathak) is being arrested by the US military. At that moment, he requests the military to give him 10 minutes so his son could cut his birthday cake and celebrate. In those 10 minutes, we see him enjoy himself to his fullest. This really tells us that in the darkest of times, our family is the light we need.

Watch Chintu ka Birthday on ZEE5.


4. Pareeksha – Fatherhood Knows no Bounds

Adil Hussain stars as Buchchi, a cycle-rickshaw driver, in this film. Buchchi is a poor person who wants his son to study in a bigger school, where rich kids study. He is of the vision that his son will attain better knowledge in that school and will become more successful, than by studying in a government school. To afford the fees of the bigger school, he takes the harsh decision of dropping his morals and turning to a life of stealing. Pareeksha’s story tells us that when a father decides to do something good for his child’s future, he knows no bounds.  

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5. Ghoomketu – Never Give up on a Dream

A story about a man who aims to be a writer in Bollywood, Ghoomketu stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the titular role. He is a writer who leaves his village and comes to Mumbai, thinking of getting a shot at writing in Bollywood. With a limited number of days in hand, Ghoomketu is about his attempts to fulfil his dream. The movie then proceeds to tell us how if people stay determined to their goal and do not give up, they would eventually succeed. 

Watch Ghoomketu on ZEE5.


6. Mee Raqsam – Dreams (and for a parent, their child’s happiness) Above All Else

Mee Raqsam is a very moving story about a little girl from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. The girl, Mariam, is from a Muslim family and aspires to be a classical dancer. Due to her religion and her passion not going hand-in-hand, she faces a lot of trouble and hate from different parts of society. But her courage, her love for the art, and most of all, her father’s love for her help her in overcoming all the hurdles. Her father is also shown just as courageous who is ready to go against the whole world for his daughter’s happiness.

Mee Raqsam Reviews on ZEE5
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Watch Mee Raqsam on ZEE5.


7. Comedy Couple – Love Finds a Way

Comedy Couple is a unique story about a theme that has not been explored before. A couple who does stand-up comedy together. The couple is played by Saqib Salim and Sweta Basu Prasad. Besides being a stand-up couple, they are also in a live-in relationship. This situation creates a lot of problems between the couple, getting their families involved and them breaking apart. But eventually, things get sorted in a good way and the movie teaches us about how love always finds a way.

Comedy Couple teaser on ZEE5
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Watch Comedy Couple on ZEE5.

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