From Cooking Hot Dogs To Playing Volleyball, Visitors Enjoy The Lava Show Of Icelandic Volcano

The eruption began in Fagradalsfjall a couple of weeks ago. Scientists stated that it poses no danger to the nearby residents. However, it has drawn the attention of many visitors.

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April 2, 2021

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After a nap of around 100 years, the volcano near Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall mountain erupted with a stream of hot molten lava. The volcano site is about 40km away from the country’s capital Reykjavik. While the scientists are studying this sudden eruption, many people are marveling at the rare sight. As of now, the internet has become home to many viral videos which show the visitors enjoying the sight of the fiery lava stream.

Ever since the eruption struck, many people have hiked up to the mountainous region to enjoy the rare view. Reportedly, the stream of lava has seen a good decline, and yet it continues to attract visitors. And one video that is being shared all across the internet shows a group of scientists cooking hot dogs and buns on the lava-struck surface. The scientists gathered around the foothill of the volcano and used it as a pan to grill sausages whilst studying the cause of the eruption.

Another similar video shows a group of people cooking eggs and bacon in the Icelandic volcano. Also, a few visitors gathered across a free space near the volcano to enjoy the game of volleyball. This video too went viral over the web.

For those unversed, the eruption began in Fagradalsfjall a couple of weeks ago. Scientists stated that variations in climate might be a vital reason behind the eruption. They also added that it posed no danger to the people residing in nearby Grindavik. However, ever since the news broke, this Icelandic eruption has been the talk of the internet. Numerous videos still continue to surface over the internet.

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