Friendship Day Special: 8 Stages Of Friendship That We All Go Through At Least Once

Sneha Bale

August 2, 2019


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1. The introduction

To each, their own! We agree that every friendship has its own pros and cons. While some may appear to be better, they aren’t and vice versa. But there a few stages of friendships that we all go through, at least with one friend in our life. As shown beautifully in the Siddharth and Shruti Haasan starrer film Oh My Friend, here are nine stages of friendship.

First stage introduction. It’s not necessarily the first conversation. It could be the eye contact, the first fight, or even the first time you passed by each other. There’s a spark, you know it.

2. Terms and conditions

Stage two is a bond that is full of terms and conditions. From who talks or texts first to revealing information equivalent to what the other person has shared. At this stage, everything has its own terms and condition applied.

3. Letting go of inhibitions

At the third stage, you let go of your inhibitions and the surface layers of insecurities. You finally find your connection and truly celebrate the special bond of friendship. At this stage, you are the happiest.

4. New comfort

At stage four, you discover comfort in your friendship. Suddenly, there is very little that you are worried about. At this stage, you are done trying to make an impression and both the parties accept each other for the good and the bad.

5. Expectations

Stage five is when the tough times roll in. But hang in there, it’s just a phase. You may feel you are doing too much and your efforts are either going unappreciated or not being reciprocated. But we have to understand that each person has their own way. Maybe when you are expecting the least, your friend will surprise you.

6. Deeper understanding

Finally, at stage six, you develop a deeper understanding of each other. Instead of looking at the world with your lens, you will start to look at the world with each others’ lens. And that’s when you two are truly going to help each other — to grow and to be a better human being.

7. Unspoken words

Stage seven is probably the best zone to be in. From slumber parties where you actually sleep to understanding each others’ thoughts through facial expressions, this friendship is your safe space.

8. Becoming a family

Last and most important! By the time you cross all the above levels in your friendship, you have become a family member in your friend’s family. From saving each other and lying for each other, to being complimented and scolded together, you now have two sets of parents and a bigger family.

Congratulations! You just earned yourself a lifetime of happiness. Cherish it as you watch more films on ZEE5 this Friendship Day.

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