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Friends Reunion: 8 Best And Worst Moments From This Special Episode

Vatsal Thakore

May 28, 2021

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Here are some of the best and not-so-good moments from the Friends Reunion that recently aired on ZEE5.

The Friends Reunion has finally been released, and truly, it is like a love letter to the Friends fans. From the cast doing table reads, to discussing episodes, and bloopers, this was the most exciting thing that could happen to the Friends fans. Recalling the special episode, here are some of the best and the worst moments from the Friends Reunion that we personally liked and disliked.


The beginning

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After the opening scene of the show, where we get to see the final scene of the sitcom, comes the most powerful scene of this reunion special – when the cast members, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Anniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry walk into the set (in that same order). Their emotions are clearly visible, the memories running through their mind, the feeling of being at that place with the same people after 17 years, it was very impactful.

The theme song

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After we see the six friends bonding over the memories, the reunion breaks into the iconic theme song composed by The Rembrandts, and that is definitely a tear-jerking moment for all the Friends fans. Plus, the video of the theme song is edited in the same way that it used to be during the show – clips from the reunion episode merged with the six friends dancing around the fountain. It was very special.

The quiz and the characters that come in

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The Friends Reunion special did a great job by recreating what is probably the best episode in the sitcom – the quiz from The One With The Embryos. When the friends all sit down for a quiz about the episodes, the cast members, and plot points, it just creates a joyful moment. What makes it even better is how they introduce all the guest stars of the show, like Tom Selleck and Larry Hankin, via the questions about them.

Joey and Chandler on the chair

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This was another moment that all the Friends fans absolutely LOVED to watch – when Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry sit on their reclining chairs, like in the sitcom. And seeing the scenes play parallelly, from the sitcom and the reunion, felt even better.

The Table Reads

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When all of the six friends sat down and did table reads of some of the best episodes – The One With The Jellyfish, The One Where Everyone Finds Out, and The One Where Ross Finds Out – was a moment that will be treasured for a long long time. Just seeing them go back into their characters for the brief moments, was everything the fans needed.

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Well, to be honest, there were some moments that we did not like from the reunion. Here they are:

James Corden’s hosting

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While James Corden is a great artist and talk-show host, in this reunions episode, most of the moments of his hosting felt unnecessary. All the times when the unscripted moments were cut and the next scene was James Corden’s hosting, there was a tiny drop in the fun. If there had been more moments with just the six friends, and James Corden’s questions could have been covered in those, it might have felt better.

So less screen-time for Maggie Wheeler, James Michael Tyler and other Friends guest stars

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Let’s be honest, guest stars like Maggie Wheeler (Janice), James Michael Tyler (Gunther), Tom Selleck (Richard), Christina Pickles and Elliot Gould (Judie and Jack Geller), etc, contributed a lot to Friends to make it the show that it was. And when they got barely 30 seconds of screen time in the Friends Reunion, it felt kind of sad. Maybe if they had more screen time than the other guest celebrities who were roped in for this, it would have felt a lot better.

When it ended

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Ah, yes. That was the worst moment. When the Friends Reunion special episode ended. The worst. Because that was when we realised that we might not get to see another special like this ever again and that there would be no more anticipation to wait for another Friends thing. And even if we put those thoughts aside, we clearly wanted this to go on for a longer time and did not want it to end. Hey, maybe there’s a director’s cut of this, that’s 4 hours long? #ReleaseTheWinstonCut?

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