Friday Flashback: 9 Mind-Blowing ‘Then And Now’ Pics Of Your Favourite TV Stars

Parinika Uchil

November 15, 2019

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1. Chaithra Rao

Source: Instagram

Didn’t Chaithra look adorable when she was a little girl as well? It is surprising to see that many of her facial features are almost the same. Famously known as Janaki on Jodi Hakki, this actress has pleased us with her acting.

Have you ever reminisced your old photographs from yesteryears? You must know that your appearance changes as we grow up. Our Zee Kannada actors too have such memories of the past.

Find out what Annapoorna thinks of Kamali’s play rehearsals here:

2. Dheekshith Shetty

Source: Instagram

Portraying the character of Arjun on the show Naagini, Dheekshith looked adorable those many years ago. Now, however, he looks hotter because of how he has taken on the path of fitness.

3. Amulya Gowda

Source: Instagram

This lass has only grown more beautiful from her photograph of yesteryears. She plays the lead role in the show Kamali and is continuing to gain more popularity with each passing episode.

4. Bharath Bopanna

Source: Instagram

Was cute before, is cuter now. Bramhagantu’s Lucky has successfully carried on his cute looks along with building a good body for himself. No wonder his female fan following just keeps increasing by the minute.

5. Geetha Bharathi Bhat

Source: Instagram

This comparison was by far the most startling for me. Geetha from Bramhagantu, or also known as Namma Gundamma, looked so cute in school. The braid and the ribbons definitely set in nostalgia for me from my school days.

6. Sushma Shekhar

Source: Facebook

Known famously as Belli, from Yaare Nee Mohini, Sushma Shekhar looks adorably cute in her back then photograph. With two ponytails and a mushroom fringe, little Sushma is seen carrying trophies in her school uniform.

7. Niranjan B.S

Source: Facebook

Could you have imagined that Namma Rishi sir looked like this a few years ago? This Kamali actor has definitely worked on his physical appeal since then, making him look all the more dashing.

8. Deepa Bhaskar

Source: Facebook

While her character of Subbi on Subbalakshmi Samsara is that of a housewife, sometime back Deepa used to look like a young college girl. It is so obvious that she looked completely different before, in a good way of course.

9. Rachana Smith

Source: Facebook

It is good to compare yourself every few years. Rachana Smith, also known as Anika Mahajan from Kamali, is unrecognisable as compared to her childhood photograph. In which photo does she look best? My choice is her younger self.

We are sure that you must still be in a state of amazement after seeing how these actors used to look once upon a time.

Would you like to share your then and now pictures too? Whose picture shocked you the most? Send in your comments in the box below with #ThenAndNow

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