French President Emmanuel Macron On A Two-Day Visit To Lebanon

Macron arrived in Beirut hours after Lebanon got new Prime Minister.

Sohil Nikam

September 1, 2020

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French President Emmanuel Macron touched down in Beirut just hours after Lebanese leaders named diplomat Mustapha Adib as the country’s new Prime Minister on Monday. This is Macron’s second visit to the former French protectorate in just one month and is aimed at facilitating the arrival of stability amidst Lebanon’s sectarian crisis, its weak economy and the effects of the massive explosion on the Beirut port that had led to the deaths of hundreds of people and destroyed the homes of lakhs.

Macron is expected to push politicians to enact reforms that donors have demanded in order to tackle corruption and waste before they will release financial support. The country’s entire government had resigned following the deadly explosion last month. It was, in fact, with France’s mediation that the last-minute agreement on making Mustapha Adib the country’s new Prime Minister was reached. Lebanon’s talks with the International Monetary Fund for a bailout have been stalled since July.

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