France Urges EU To Impose Sanctions Against Turkey, Pakistan Amidst Fear Of Growing Terror Attacks

French Member of European Parliament Jordan Bardella called for aids to Islamic countries like Pakistan and Turkey to be put on hold after France faced a series of terror attacks in the last month

Raghav N

November 18, 2020

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As France moves swiftly in its self-declared war against Islamist-separatism, tensions have widened between the European nation and Muslim countries. French Member of the European Parliament Jordan Bardella has called for strict sanctions against Turkey and Pakistan as a mark of displaying European solidarity. Concerned over the growing terrorism from these countries, the leader called for real financial or trade sanctions against Ankara, Islamabad, Kuwait City and Doha.

France has been the target of several terror attacks in the last two months. French media house Charlie Hebdo announced the republishing of the controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammad. Despite protests from the Muslim community, President Emmanuel Macron refused to comment on the matter.

On 16 October, French teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded in Paris after he showed caricatures of the religious head to his class students. This was followed by another attack in the country’s Nice region, where an extremist murdered three people inside a church. In November, the Austrian capital of Vienna came under attack as militants went on a rampage at a crowded central square, killing four people and injuring another 20.

Recently, another French member of the EU parliament, Nicholas Bay also urged the European Union to stop providing aid to countries like Pakistan in the light of the current situation.

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