Four Hong Kong Student Activists Arrested Under New National Security Law

Three young men and one woman have been detained by the Hong Kong police for allegedly inciting secession and uniting pro-democratic groups

Raghav N

July 30, 2020

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The Hong Kong police have arrested four student pro-democracy activists, under the new National Security Law. This is the first instance of arrests being made under this law, outside of street protests. Three males and one female, all aged between 16-21 years, have been detained for promoting pro-independence activities online. According to the Hong Kong national Security Department, they were inciting secession and trying to unite pro-democracy groups of the country. Their phones and documents have been seized by the police.

All four students are members of recently disbanded Student Localism Party.  The young activists have been detained under Article 20 and 21 of the newly imposed law. If the charges are proven against them, they could potentially face life imprisonment. Human activists have condemned the arrests, calling it a gross misuse of the national law.

With the police calling this their first major operation under the barely four weeks old law, it remains to be seen if other pro-democratic activists will step back to avoid trouble.

The arrests have also happened on the last day of filing candidacy for the upcoming legislative elections, scheduled for the 6th of September. While there is some word of postponing the elections due to the ongoing pandemic, the pro-democrats are fighting for the elections to take place as scheduled.

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