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Former Bigg Boss Contestant Karishma Kotak Celebrates Ganpati In The UK – View Pics


September 25, 2021

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Karishma Kotak has been a big name when it comes to Bigg Boss. She is currently in the UK, and she still decided to celebrate the Ganpati festivities over there

Former Bigg Boss contestant Karishma Kotak has one of her most favourite festivals as Ganpati. She is celebrating that in the UK at her home. As it’s common abroad the festivals are celebrated over the nearest weekend, and usually the weekdays no one gets leave for the festivals. She loves India as much as UK and she loves the festivities. She has been traveling to India for the longest time and has a deep connection with the culture and rituals here. She has a special prayer for bappa and it’s not for her own self. Karishma is known to absorb in the festivities when in India but not only does she do that in India, but also celebrates it from any place around the globe.

Here are some of the pictures from the Ganpati at her place. Have a look:

She was extremely happy at being able to celebrate the festival in the UK. She has been having an extremely special connection with India and even more so with bappa. She loves Mumbai and it’s the most important festival here so she had to celebrate it no matter what. She has been part of numerous celebrations of Ganpati in Mumbai and hence it has become almost innate for her to celebrate Ganpati from wherever she is in the world. She celebrated it with as much fervor as she would have done it back in Mumbai. But this time it was different because of the pandemic. She had taken all the measures to maintain distancing and sanitization. She prayed to bappa to heal the world of this pandemic just like all of us, and she hopes that we get our world 2.0 soon.

We are all looking forward to a world without Covid and its complications. It has wreaked havoc and just like Karishma, let’s all pray to bappa to rid us of this and get things normal again.

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