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5 Interesting Things In Aggabai Sunbai That Make It A Must-Watch!

Tanvi Rumale

May 2, 2021

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From Asawari-Shubhra to Leena Aajji and Ajoba, here are all the fresh things Aggabai Sunbai brings to the table!

One of Zee Marathi’s newest shows, Aggabai Sunbai is about Shubhra, a family-oriented housewife and her mother-in-law, Asawari, an entrepreneur. Shubhra is married to Soham, who is Asawari’s son. But Soham is nothing like his mother, he is quite an evil person and is a bad husband to Shubhra. He keeps up his facade of being nice at home and outside, he is a totally different person. He is having an affair with his secretary, Suzzanne and has already gone to great lengths to hide it. The show focuses on how Shubhra can find her independence and her individuality while also keeping her family together. We love how great the cast looks but what we love the most are these five fresh things that Aggabai Sunbai brings to the table:

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A loved ‘Sunbai’

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Shubhra is not your typical Sun in the sense that she is not forced to stay indoors or not pursue a career of her own. She is not bogged down by other members of the family for anything and she is quite free to make her own decisions. We have often seen powerless suns who are forced to stay indoors and make their houses their worlds. But in Aggabai Sunbai, the makers show a woman who chooses to make her home her life. There is a certain agency with Shubhra even though she can seem quite helpless and under-confident. What makes the show better is how everyone around her, except for her husband, appreciates her. They encourage her to do more and to be more, they suggest and prod, but the final decision about her life always lies in Shubhra’s hands alone!

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A sweet relationship between Sun-saasu

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A civil and loving relationship between Sun and Saasu is also uncommon on TV shows. But we see our leads Shubhra and Asawari taking the main focus of the show, not with hate, but with abundant love. Asawari loves and worries for Shubhra like her own daughter and Shubhra too, treats Asawari with utmost respect and love. They consider each other important and their opinions and thoughts really matter to each other. Asawari never misses an opportunity to thank Shubhra, to make her life better and to make her feel seen and heard. We have also seen how Asawari always gives Shubhra a chance to talk in meetings and work-related things as well.

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Old school romance!

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Abhijeet is one of the most loved characters on the show. He makes everything interesting and lights up every scene that he features in. He has a great relationship with his wife Asawari and we love seeing the two flirt and playfully fight. Their banter is sweet and makes us believe that they are couple goals for sure. There’s also Ajoba and Leena Aajji. They might not be in love, but the fact that they are friends and that Ajoba likes Leena Aajji is sweet and not weird at all!

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Old people can be fit too!

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While most old people are shown to be sickly, bed-ridden and overly fussy, the middle-aged and senior citizens on this show are charming, fit and on their feet all the time! Abhijeet is literally followed by some women who are clearly in love with him because he still looks so dashing. Ajoba is also quite fit and can do most things by himself. Leena Aajji looks quite young and exercises a lot too! And Asawari, well, she’s non-stop working and never has any ailments. She also looks extremely pretty, even at this age!

No hate in the family

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Yes, Soham might be the bad guy in the Kulkarni family, but he realises Shubhra’s importance and does not want her out of the house. In fact, there is no one in the Kulkarni family who has any real problems with anyone so there is no one plotting to break it! The only person who does this is clearly Suzzanne but she is Soham’s girlfriend. We have seen in many shows how there is almost always one character who does not like some people in the house and always plots to get them in trouble. Such is not the case in the Kulkarni family and their story is honest and sweet!

What fresh aspect of the show do you enjoy the most?

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