Firoz Nadiadwala’s Wife Shabana Saeed Taken For Medical Examination Post Arrest By NCB

After Firoz Nadiadwala’s wife Shabana Saeed was arrested by the NCB, she had to undertake medical examination before being in front of a designated court.

Mamta Raut

November 10, 2020

Trending News

3 min


On Sunday, November 8, the Narcotics Control Bureau raided the house of prominent Bollywood producer Firoz Nadiadwala. The officials on Monday said that the producer’s wife Shabana Saeed was arrested after illegal drug marijuana was allegedly obtained from their residence. The producer wasn’t at the house when the raid took place and hence in connection with his wife’s arrest a summon was generated for Firoz. As reported by ANI, Shabana also underwent a medical check-up at the government hospital, before she was produced in a designated court.

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