Fingertip, Thaila: 5 Sensational ZEE5 Originals That You Must Watch This Weekend

No plans for the weekend? No problem! Here are five Zee5 Kannada originals that you must watch.


February 8, 2020

Original Series

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Good news is here, as Zee5 turns 2 this February 14th, 2020, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day! While it is also the day of love, we have for our much-loved audience, a list of sensational ZEE5 Originals lined up for you so that you can sit back with your special one and enjoy some of the most interesting shows!


Social media has made life considerably easy. Be it finding someone to get in contact with or even keeping up with other people’s lives, this medium has taken over our lives and there’s no denying that. Ever thought of the negative impacts of the same? Fingertip is a ZEE5 original thriller series starring Akshara Haasan, Ashwin Kakumanu and Gayathri, which showcases the negative impacts of social media and how qualities such as greed, envy, and vengeance can force you to succumb to social pressure.


Thaila is a ZEE5 original series casting Prasanna, Indhuja and Kaali Venkat. The thriller revolves around the life of a scientist who is struggling with projects of his own. Life takes a turn when he claims to have invented a certain herbal fuel that has the potential to create a revolution in the petroleum industry. Check this enthralling series to see what happens next to this small-time scientist.

Poster of Thaila
A thrilling tale of a simple scientist

Auto Shankar

Auto Shankar, a Kannada ZEE5 original web series, based on true incidents from the book titled ‘Once upon a time in Madras’. This is the story of Auto Shankar, who kept the city under his control for almost 10 years. This series is engaging and will surely send chills down your spine. It’s intriguing to see how one man can take control of a city by causing fear, distress, and tension. The series also stars Sarath Appani, Selvapandian Nisha and Vasudha.

A story of one man and one city
A story of one man and one city


Nisha is a 2019 ZEE5 original web series starring Anish Padmanabhan, Vaibhavi Shandilya, and Kalloori Vinoth. The story revolves around Adhi, who kidnaps Nisha, Riya, and Kirthi, and holds them hostage in a hideout. The girls try to escape their kidnapper but will they manage to get out alive? Watch this gripping thriller, Nisha, only on ZEE5.

A bold and engaging story of a girl Nisha who has been kidnapped
A bold and engaging story of a girl Nisha who has been kidnapped


Kailasapura will increase your heartbeat with its interesting story of five teenagers who fall into the trap of smoking marijuana. The show is a must-watch for youngsters, as it deals with the aspect of peer pressure and mental torture attached to the same. This is a journey of these five friends whose life takes a turn when they turn into peddlers of marijuana. The series also includes a romantic angle, which makes it more real and interesting to watch.

A group of teenagers fall into the trap of drugs
A group of teenagers fall into the trap of drugs

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