Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa: This Valentine’s Day, celebrate gastronomic love with the Priyanka Sarkar starrer

Looking for the perfect rom-com to watch this Valentine’s Day? We got you covered.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 8, 2021


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The month of February has begun and the biggest thing most of us are looking forward to is Valentine’s Day. Watching movies with our significant others can make for a cute date idea. However, with or without a partner, we all love cosying up with a blanket and some popcorn to watch a good old rom-com. So now would be an ideal time to watch a film like Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa.

Watch the trailer of Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa here:

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Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa is a 2019 romantic film that revolves around the lives of a non-vegetarian Bengali woman and a vegetarian Tamil man. The film focuses on the various events that take place in the duo’s life after Subramanian enters Himeli’s life as a flatmate. It follows their journey towards love and showcases the countless highs and lows that they endure. Amidst all their conflicts, one thing remains constant – food. Essentially, Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa is a beautiful blend of a love story of two strong personalities and their shared love for food. And it is true that the way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach, but so is to a woman’s.

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Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa stars actors Priyanka Sarkar as Himeli and Nishan Nanaiah as Subramanian in lead roles. Himeli and Subramanian have strong-headed and rigid personalities. They have very specific and drastically contrasting choices when it comes to their food and their selectiveness causes them a lot of trouble. Imagine a meat-loving non-vegetarian Bengali and a strictly vegetarian Tamil, constantly butting heads about their choices when it comes to each of their meals! Yes, dangerous, we know. And in the middle of all their endless banters, the flatmates fall in love with each other.

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The film also stars Usha Uthup as Nishan’s on-screen mother amongst a few other prominent characters. Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa was first released in October of 2019 and is a Debarati Gupta directorial. The film possesses various interesting elements of life such as love, disagreements, preferences, adjustment, conflict, and more. But at the end of the day, it is a realistic story of two very different individuals coming together in spite of their love for their individuality. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect mix of a modern-age love story and one’s love for food, Filter Coffee Liquor Chaa would be an ideal choice of film for Valentine’s Day 2021.

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