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Film Review: Yaara On ZEE5 Is All About Friends United By Crime And Divided By Time

Kenneth Carneiro

July 30, 2020

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Yaara is an action packed crime thriller with a touching story about a ‘Chaukdi Gang’ featuring Vidyut Jammwal, Amit Sadh, Vijay Verma and Kenny Basumatary.

Yaara directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia is high on action and emotion. The film has a strong cast of talented actors including Vidyut Jammwal, Amit Sadh, Vijay Verma, Shruti Haasan and Kenny Basumatary. It tells the story of a gang between the 70s to the 90s where friendships are tested because everyone is on the edge in this world of crime. This film is a good snapshot of the country from that era with the world of law and order, politics and business coming together in this epic story.

Watch the trailer for Yaara here.

Phagun (Vidyut Jaamwal) and Mitwa (Amit Sadh) are both orphaned and they are taken in by drug smugglers who use kids as drug mules to avoid the police. They both smuggle drugs from UP across the border to Nepal in the 70s where they meet two other kids like them Bahadur (Kenny Basumatary) and Rizwan (Vijay Verma). These four become close friends and become one of the most feared gangs. They smuggle drugs, run guns and loot banks until they are caught by the police. When they are released from jail they try to start life anew but their past returns to haunt them.

Tigmanshu Dhulia stamps his unique style of filmmaking on this film. This film was meticulously made over a period of a whole year and it goes by before you can realise how much time has passed by. He tells the story spanning over two decades in a little more than two hours and draws you completely into the lives of the characters.

Vidyut Jammwal plays the role of Phagun and is one of the highlights of this film. He surely does his fair share of mind-boggling stunts that will wow you. However, it is his range as a dramatic actor which really shines through in this film making it one of his best performances. Amit Sadh who plays the most interesting character in this film depicts his deep internal conflicts, with a depth that he is truly making his forte now.

Tells a story of the country through the 70s and the 90s and will take you back in time. It shows the end of the hippie era with white people coming to Nepal and UP in the search of nirvana and drugs. The film also shows the beginning of the Naxalite movement. it also depicts how gangs helped the Naxalites get guns to try and defend themselves against the forces. Another big social change seen in this film is in the 90s when gangsters took advantage of a more open economy to use their money in creating white-collar businesses.

Shruti Haasan plays the role of the idealistic college student whose dream of social change is shattered brutally when she is caught along with the Chaukadi Gang. The costumes of this film are spot-on for each era they represent with bellbottoms, flashy hairstyles, printed shirts and old denim jeans. Even the music of this is a mix of old and new where rock tunes meet classic folk styles of singing and meaningful lyrics.

One of the biggest draws of this film is the story of friendships. The gang only functions because they trust each other blindly. Even if you don’t relate to the story about a gang from the 70s you will definitely be drawn to their friendship. When the gang is released from jail and meet years later they want to believe that their friendship is the same but they face the harsh reality which is that time and circumstances change people.

Watch this film which has the makings of a blockbuster with has everything – action, comedy, romance and tragedy. Watch Vidyut Jammwal’s popular action franchise Commando also streaming on ZEE5.

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