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Father’s Day: 7 Characters That Will Remind You Of The Sacrifices That Your Dad Made!

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June 18, 2021

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And as we celebrate Father’s Day this year, let us remember some on-screen memorable fathers. From being a guiding figure to their ample sacrifices, these characters won our hearts leaving us teary-eyed.

With one accord and sans any debate, we all would agree upon the fact that the time we spend with our parents is unforgettable. And the memories- be it good or bad, heartwarming or filled with life lessons, are surely something we cherish upon. Precisely talking about fathers, they are a guiding light of our lives, moulding us on different paths of life while also leaving a mark on us with their numerous sacrifices. And this scenario remains true even with the fathers from the fictional worlds. Saying so, ZEE5 has some interesting stories that beautifully capture the essence of the father-children relationship.

While many times these fictional fathers guide our protagonists, at times it’s their hardship-filled story in the spotlight. And whatever the scenario is, the viewers have always rooted for these fictional characters. And as we celebrate Father’s Day this year, let us remember some on-screen memorable fathers. From being a guiding figure to their ample sacrifices, these characters won our hearts leaving us teary-eyed.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 on-screen fathers who would remind you of your own father.

Chintu Ka Birthday

A still from Chintu Ka Birthday
Source: ZEE5

In a small Baghdad town our cute-as-a-button hero Chintu is gearing up to celebrate his sixth birthday but George Bush has different plans. Chintu had missed out on celebrating his birthday last year and he aims to make up for it on his sixth birthday. His plans are foiled when US-allied forces attack Iraq amid Saddam’s fall. However, Chintu’s father Madan has an optimistic view in this difficult time as he struggles to make the birthday bash successful.

From making the soldiers sing birthday ballads to getting Chintu’s close friends at the party, Madan does it all. And he certainly reminds us of our fathers who never give up even in difficult times and are always seen pushing up for the best. They will keep striving for our happiness even if that means giving up on their own.


A still from Madaari
Source: ZEE5

Nishikant Kamat was known for his extraordinary stories where a common man fights alone against the system. Similarly, in Madaari, he staged the story portraying the other side of a family man. Nirmal (Irrfan Khan), after losing his son due to governmental negligence decides to seek revenge. From a timid common man to evolving as a rebel, Nirmal’s character portrays how a father can go to any extent for the love of his children.


A still from Pareeksha
Source: ZEE5

In Pareeksha Bucchi’s character will remind you of your father in many different ways. From being a strict and taunting father to an affable one, Bucchi has different shades. And that’s what makes this character more relatable. Pareeksha portrays the struggles of a father going against all the odds to provide better education to his son Bulbul. This heartwarming tale will leave you teary-eyed yet full of heartwarming memories. It shows the kind of ambitions a father has for his child and how he would go to any lengths to fulfil them. 

Mee Raqsam

A still from Mee Raqsam
Source: ZEE5

If there’s an apt cinematic portrait about a father and daughter relationship, it’s ought to be Mee Raqsam. The film follows the story of Mariam, a young aspiring dancer who aims to achieve mastery in her art form. However, the reserved views of society become a conflict in her way as they question her dream and ambitions.

Salim will remind you of your father who accepted your dreams and aspirations while society had contrary views.


A still from Naal
Source: ZEE5

Though Naal essays a heartwarming tale of a mother-son relationship, it also sheds subtle light on father-son bonding. Chaitya and his father share a relationship just like every father and son. His father gives him life lessons through different notions of surroundings and that makes for some beautiful moments. 

Ek Rishtaa: The Bond Of Love

A still from Ek Rishtaa
Source: ZEE5

In this emotive family drama, we witness a worn-out relationship between a father and a son. Ajay’s relationship with his father Vijay has not been on a good track. However, even bad times have an expiry date. As the story paces ahead, we see Ajay standing up for his family in their difficult times. And thus, the strained relationship between Ajay and Vijay evolves into a loving one bringing some heart-melting past stories to light.

Both father and son come to terms with their mistakes and decide to start afresh, leading to another interesting and realistic climax. Ek Rishtaa will make you recall your banters with your father and how everything ends on a good note.


A still from Ra.One
Source: ZEE5

Though Ra. One might be tagged as a sci-fi film, the father-son relationship is a major highlight of the story. Ra. One follows the story of Shekhar who tries his best to impress his son Prateek and fit into his world. The superhero theme of the film is indirectly dedicated to the fathers. The film is laden with many emotional moments as Prateek soon realizes his mistakes. Ra. One will make you recall your father’s struggles of trying to bridge the long generation gap.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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