Fashion Friday: The traditional styles worn in Jamuna Dhaki will take you back to old school Bengal

The characters from this popular TV serial really know how to dress up! Check out some gorgeous ethnic fashion worn by them.


September 4, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla serial Jamuna Dhaki, actor Sweta Bhattacharya plays the lead role of Jamuna, a brave woman who ventures into the field of drumming. Playing the grand dhak (drum) at festivals is a profession dominated primarily by men. This is because the nature of the job is quite physically exhausting, given the weight and size of the instrument. However, Jamuna pulls this off with ease while also dealing with the hostile attitudes of several people who frown upon her choice! Jamuna often plays the dhak at Sangeet’s (played by Rubel Das) house. Sangeet’s family is a traditional and well-to-do one, where we get to see the characters don some of the most beautiful attire. Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous fashion that we see on the show.

Watch an episode from Jamuna Dhaki below:

A dazzling beauty

Jamuna Dhaki
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Jamuna, our stunning protagonist, looks absolutely ravishing in this brilliant red saree with fine gold embroidery. A pair of dangling golden earrings match her saree, and her red lipstick and bindi complete this truly gorgeous style.

Sangeet’s parents

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Sangeet’s parents, who are as old school as they get, rock this magnificently ethnic look! Sangeet’s mother is pictured here also wearing a red and gold saree, embellished by that chunky necklace in heavy gold. Sangeet’s father has chosen a white kurta with fine embroidery in dark blue– simple, yet so elegant. A thin plain gold chain hangs loosely around his neck.

All that glitters

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Sangeet’s grandmother (on the left) has draped herself with a sophisticated gold saree, while Sangeet’s sister is resplendent in a bright yellow saree worn with a purple and pink blouse. Check out all the gold jewellery to complement that she has definitely not skimped on! We love the floral motif on them, and how comfortable she looks despite how heavy they seem to be.

Which of these traditional styles from Jamuna Dhaki did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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