Fashion Friday: Take A Moment To See How Perfect Niharika Konidela’s Sun-Kissed Photos Are

This Fashion Friday, we discovered how beautiful and flawless Niharika Konidela’s sun-kissed photographs are. You must check it out, too.

Sneha Bale

May 15, 2020


1 min


The Mega Princess, Niharika Konidela is a total goofball. People who are close to her refer to her as a ball of light and joy. That’s something that most of us talk about and cherish. Apart from that, this actor-producer is also beginning to make wave for her professional work. In the light of so many things, we believe, we’ve missed something more wonderful. Yes, we’re talking about her picture-perfect sun-kissed photographers. Because they’re perfect and you must see it for yourself.

Watch her in Happy Wedding here:

[interaction id=”5ebd0593d2ea63f746c400b1″]

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