Fashion Friday: Sreelakshmi aka Susmita Prabhakaran from Neeyum Njanum is winning hearts in these outfits!

These 5 outfits from Neeyum Njanum’s Sudhmita Prabhakaran are what you need to look drop-dead gorgeous!

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October 23, 2020


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With her phenomenal performance as Sreelakshmi in the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum, Susmita Prabhakaran has stolen all of our hearts. Be it her chemistry on screen or her charismatic presence, the actress enchants us with her acting skills on Neeyum Njanum. Susmita Prabhakaran has been creating a lot of buzz around her social media profile with some of her stylish snaps. With her stunning looks in unique outfits, Susmita is on her way to becoming the next viral sensation. If you are on the lookout for some much-needed outfit ideas, these snaps from Sreelakshmi aka Susmita Prabhakaran are surely going to inspire you!

Missed out on the latest episode of the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum? Watch it here:

#1 Bring back the polka dots!

Susmita clearly has an affection towards the classic polka dots styles. She looks angelic in this polka-dotted long line kurta style. You can also try this attire and even experiment with different colours to suit your fun mood!

#2 The essential Settum Mundum look!

Are you even a Malayali if you don’t have one of those Settum Mundum in your wardrobe? Perfect for those special ethnic days at college and work, this Kasavu Settum Mundum style from Susmita is surely going to make you the centre of attention!

#3 A perfect casual style

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Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy streetwear as much? Then this casual Kurta style from Susmita is perfect for you. With beautiful hand-worked prints, this style is perfect for a casual outing or an evening walk along the countryside.

#4 Bring back the Dhavani

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A half saree or a Dhavani is an evergreen style from South India that never seems to lose its charm! Susmita looks absolutely gorgeous in this simple style that is surely going to turn a lot of heads!

#5 Bring out the wild side

A long line dress is a lifesaver when it comes to casual situations. Be it a long drive or an adventurous walk in the wild, a simple long line dress is one of the most comfortable options. Susmita Prabhakaran looks stunning in this electric lime green coloured long line dress!

Which was your favourite fashion moments from Sreelakshmi aka Susmita Prabhakaran from Neeyum Njanum? Tell us in the comments below!

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