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Fashion Friday: Learn to be a perfect Punjaban from Tera Rang Chadeya’s Seerat aka Neha Thakur


October 2, 2020

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Who says that traditional wear is not cool? Take a look at Tera Rang Chadeya’s Seerat aka Neha Thakur!

Tera Rang Chadeya‘s Seerat proved that being simple is beautiful. Seerat believes in leaving her mark, rather than following others. Seerat has established her own fashion trends, and even Neha Thakur pursue own instinct. Do you want to see the beauty in simplicity? Read on to know further.

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The deadly combination

Here’s the first glimpse of desi girl Neha, looking gorgeous in a blazing red salwar kameez. Neha posted this picture with a gaint caption, “Kudi fabdi Suit the Salwaar naal….Utton khadi howe Bullet naal.” 

This is what defines pure beauty. Neha is looking like a charmer in a striped blue salwar kameez. Neha acknowledged the fact of being simple and posted this picture with the caption, “Sometimes it feels great to stay simple and the way you are….sukoon hai usmein alag hi.”

The cryptic Neha

In a pink salwar kameez with light-green dupatta, Neha looked like an enchantress. However, the caption on the picture will bewilder you. “This could be me…or maybe this is Me.”

The definition of being traditional 

Neha explains tradition in her way. In a Mehendi green salwar kameez, with red dupatta, Neha explained, “Tradition is actually the illusion of permanence.”

So, here are the proofs of Neha being naturally beautiful. How did you find her fashion sense? Share this story and your thoughts in the comment section below.

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