Fashion Friday: Learn How To Turn One Dress Into Five From Sukhpreet Trehan Aka Simple

Khasma Nu Khani’s Simple Sharma aka Sukhpreet Trehan is fashionable and frugal. Watch how to turn your dress into 5 different dress styles and save!


May 22, 2020


3 min


The Punjabi TV serial Khasma Nu Khani’s Simple Sharma aka Sukhpreet Trehan should really consider opening a fashion school. During the lockdown days, we have artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Payal Rajput and Kanwalpreet Singh trying to cook. On the other hand, we have Sukhpreet who impressing us with her fashion tips and tricks.

Watch the beginning of Simple Sharma in the Zee Punjabi serial Khasma Nu Khani here:

Last time, Sukhpreet had given us wonderful ideas about styling a classy old shirt in different ways, then she showed how you can turn your regular suit into a fashion statement. Now in Sukhpreet’s Fashion Class 3.0, she has turned one black dress into multiple dresses. She conducted this session on social media, and posted this video. So let’s break it down.

Belted Dress

Source: Instagram

First, tie a belt on the waistline, then pick up your dress as per your requirement and tuck it under your belt. You will get your first cool dress.

Tube Dress

Source: Instagram

Now remove your hands from the sleeves of the dress. Tie the sleeves behind your back and adjust it as per your need.

Off-Shoulder Knot Dress

Source: Instagram

Wanna make an off-shoulder knot dress? Just bring the sleeves forward and tie them in a knot.

One-Arm Shoulder Dress

Source: Instagram

For a one-arm shoulder dress, just use one sleeve, and tuck the other one in the back. Simple da simple nuska, isn’t it?

High-Low Dress

Source: Instagram

Now after all this if you just want to make it easier, then repeat what Simple does. Fold the dress from the front bottom and pin it. This is how you’ll get your high-low dress.

Simply smart, simply easy, simply fantastic. Simple aka Sukhpreet, we won’t be surprised if you start online fashion tutorials, you’ll surely get good attendance. How did you like Sukhpreet’s simple fashion tips? Let us know in the comments section.

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