Fashion Friday: Here’s How ‘Stylish Star’ Allu Arjun Has Lived Up To His Title

Sneha Bale

January 17, 2020


1 min

The endless charisma


The world knows well why Tollywood actor and superstar Allu Arjun is hailed as the Stylish Star of the industry. Well, over the last (almost) two decades, there hasn’t been a single piece of fabric or thread that has failed to look good on him. Call it perfect styling or just the actor’s ability to pull off anything with ease, Allu Arjun was, is and will be the Stylish Star that we always needed.

Master of layering


Hand him a pair of random clothes or give him a three-piece suit. And then, wait… to watch him make something amazing out of it and look his best. Classy suites with coats or massy shirts and t-shirts together, he always manages to make heads turn.

Ravishing in formals


What is the secret formula that makes men look better in formal clothing? We have no clue. But when Allu Arjun dons formal outfits, he amplifies the hotness around him.

One man, one colour


While we try hard to find the perfect colour combination to put an outfit together, Allu Arjun can wear one hue from head to toe, and still be his most stylish self. Who said all-whites are boring? We dare to you look twice at him, in the picture above.

Suits suit well


Our AA looks handsome and powerful in the wine-coloured suit with checkered pants and a black shirt. He turns his personality around with a blush pink pant-suit and a casual white t-shirt. Magic of fashion, isn’t it?

Bad and boujee


Arya 2 was probably the first time when we had seen a leading actor in a grey shade. While Allu Arjun pretended to be the ‘Mr. Perfect’ around his colleagues, to cover up for his baddie personality, he truly proved that he can bad and boujee, effortlessly. This avatar definitely has to be our personal favourite.

Let us know what’s your favourite in the comments section down below.  For now, check out his amazing film Duvvada Jagannatham on ZEE5.


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