Farmers Schedule A Tractor Rally Protest On Republic Day To Show Their Continued Objection Towards New Farm Bills

Farmers at Delhi borders will schedule a tractor rally on Republic Day to continue their protest against the three farm bills. Have a look at what the government has to say on the move.

Sania Kader

January 14, 2021

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The farmers of Punjab have called for a tractor rally on January 26, 2021, on the occasion of India’s 72st Republic Day. Farmers around the state have been gearing up with their vehicles to show their dissent towards the three farm laws which have been put on hold after the Supreme Court order on January 12, 2021. The Supreme Court also set up a 4-member committee to discuss the farm laws and find a common ground so that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible. However, farmers have not been quite content with the verdict since they want the laws to be repealed without any further discussion. Through the new rally scheduled on the 26th, the farmers are expected to make their stance clear on the issue, once again, through an effective protest.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the farmers’ tractor rally scheduled on 26th January 2021:

Farmers have been protesting at the Delhi borders, against the three Farm laws, ever since the bills were passed in 2020. They stood their ground over the months and seem to have no intention of compromising in terms of their demands and rights. In the video attached above, anchor Rajdeep Sardesai is seen moderating a debate between Swaraj India President, Yogendra Yadav, and Bharatiya Janata Party member, Sudhanshu Trivedi.

The debate kicks off with a discussion on Defence minister Rajnath Singh’s recent statement which conveyed his disapproval towards the protest that is set to happen on the 26th. He said that the Farmers must not execute such a protest rally as it would be like disrespecting the nation on its special day. Yogendra Yadav made it very clear through his words that the farmers would not disrespect the country in any way and all they wish to do is to express their opinion on the recent Supreme Court verdict and the laws.

Yogendra Yadav mentioned that it is the right of the people to express their stance on this subject, which affects them adversely. He also stated that the Supreme Court should not have acted as a mediator in this case as it was not the need of the hour, according to him. Mr Yadav further added that the dignitaries like Ashok Gulati must not be on the panel appointed by the SC as he has had a biased opinion since the very beginning. It is important to have neutral committee members in order to ensure that a solution is derived.

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Sudhanshu Trivedi, on the other hand, has spoken about implications of this protest and the international support it has been gaining. He took a direct dig at the supporters from the US and said that these are the same people who demolished a Gandhi statue amidst the BLM protest. He also highlighted the selective outrage in Yogendra Yadav’s words as he believes that the protesters are more content with the chaos and are unwilling to arrive at a reasonable solution. He further mentioned that Famers want the benefits from the government but are unwilling to co-operate.

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