Fahadh Fasil’s Netflix movie Irul’s reviews are out

Fahadh Fasil’s involvement in a movie makes many Malayalam movie fans hopeful. But Irul, streaming on Netflix, seems to have left them disappointed. Some had issues with the storyline while others found it completely terrible.

April 3, 2021


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Irul’s trailer got everyone excited. The suspense thriller had Fahad Fasil plotting murders, Darshana Rajendra trying to escape her fate and Soubin Shahir giving weird symbols. The trick editing of the trailer added much to the ensuing drama on the screen. The movie hit Netflix at the midnight and since then fans have been pouring in their disappointment about the film. While they applauded the theme, many found its sketchy writing ruining the experience completely There were also those who called it outright terrible. Irul Movie Review: Fahadh Faasil and Darshana Rajendran’s Fantastic Performances Stand Out in This Edgy Thriller (LatestLY Exclusive)

Irul Review: Twitterati Calls Fahadh Fasil, Soubin Shahir And Darshana Rajendra’s Suspense Thriller ‘A Failed Good Attempt’

Irul also received mixed to negative reviews. Critics are highly upset about it being more about style and less about substance. Many unanswered questions and convenient storyline bothered them as well. Check out some of the reactions from Twitter here…

Some advice that may work…

And the memes begin…

What a drag but good acting!

Written flaws

When just good actors aren’t enough…

The feeling of emptiness

Irul is the directorial debut of Naseef Yusuf Izuddin and is streaming on Netflix.

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