EXCLUSIVE: ZEE HEROES Play Question-Answers With Some Creepy Creatures This Week

Sneha Bale

November 1, 2019


1 min

The task


This week on Zee Heroes, our heroes are off to an easy start towards the finale. Not only will we get our finalists, but we will also find out how they make the cut. This time, the task is rather simple and involves a round of questions and answers. But of course, there’s the classic Lakshmi twist to it.

Watch the previous episode here:


The twist


While the participant will be answering Lakshmi’s questions, another participant will be transferring creepy creatures from one box to the other, on every right answer. There are two boxes are coffin-shaped and will house one member from each team.

The move


Unlike the old days, it was Team Gaja who went ahead first. While Milind answered the questions, Samrat and Vidyullekha laid down in the coffin box. Later, Srishti and Ram Prasad laid in the coffin while Tejaswvi answered the question. Our little birdies tell us that the game wasn’t as eye-to-eye as one would expect.



No Garuda contest, no Garuda contender and no¬†Garuda winner! This week, it’s a straight-cut game. You win, you make it. You lose, you go home. Major easter egg: Many contestants who previously won the Garuda power made their way through the elimination this time. While two went back home.

Stay tuned to know what happens, on ZEE5 this Sunday, November 3rd. For now, catch up on the KTUC masti here.

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