EXCLUSIVE: ZEE HEROES Get Ready To Cross The Big ‘Z’ To See Some Colours

Sneha Bale

October 11, 2019


1 min

A new beginning


After surviving many deadly tasks, yet another weekend has dawned upon the ZEE HEROES. This time four contestants of each team will be responsible for saving the fifth contestant. Of course, there are surprises galore in this episode, too.

The task


Each team has five participants. Four of them will be stationed at different points. They will travel together and meet the fifth one, who is supposed to be saved. The team to complete the task quickest will be the winner.

Meeting points


There will be containers placed in the Z shape. The first participant will go from point A to point B via a rope and meet the second participant. They will together find some keys and go-ahead via cycling to meet the third participant. This process repeats until the four participants meet.

The difficulty


While the first four participants are travelling through the ‘Z’ to meet each other, there will be many elements of surprise. Well, these surprises aren’t so good. These surprises are actually some colour bombs are small explosions that they have to pass through.

The last step


Finally, when the four participants reach the fifth one and remove the plaster – they will get their final clue. This clue will lead them into a room that is lit in a specific colour. In this heavily-hued room they have to pick the correct wire that will cut down the daunty task and complete it.

The FIRST Elimination


Post the task, the winning team goes into the Garuda task and finally, a new Garuda winner emerges. But this isn’t the end this time. Get ready for the first-ever elimination. If you think this is new, well there’s one more shock in the store – not one, but two contestants have bid goodbye to the show.

Stay tuned for the episode on Sunday, October 13. For more, watch Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta on ZEE5.

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