EXCLUSIVE: ZEE Heroes Are All Set To Get Themselves Out Of The ‘Happy Pool’

Sneha Bale

August 30, 2019


1 min

The Challenge


ZEE Heroes has been adding zest to our otherwise boring and couch-lazy weekends. This week on the reality-adventure game show, the contestants are in for a really exciting and nerve-wracking challenge. The episode is titled Happy Pool and we wonder how happy they were in the pool, as they tried to get out of it.

Fasten Your Seat Belts


Both the teams, Ashva and Gaja, will have to help each other get back on the floor, out of the pool. But it’s more difficult than we think. While two participants will be in the pool, with their feet locked, a key will be passed on to them by another participant.

The Difficulty


The third participant will be tied to a pulley and can only be using their mouth to pass on the key. Yet another participant will be in charge of moving his pulley.

Chances For Mishaps


When the key finally reaches the participants in the pool, they need to unlock themselves. But hey, there’s a catch here as well. Both the participants in the pool are also in a fix, because they have to move in line with each other, and not independently. A little birdie tells us that something has gone wrong. But what is it?

The Catch


Before the participants begin their task, they have to do something more important. And that is getting the key that needs to be passed on. Our birdies also tell us that one of the teams lost all their chances right here. Which team do you think it is?

The End (Almost)


As we mentioned previously, the winning team emerges victorious much before the result could have been announced. But! but! but! The result will be as surprising for us as it was for them.

The Garuda Winner


To declare the Garuda winner, the contestants are paired as Vidyullekha versus Akarsh, Sunanda versus Tejaswi, Samrat versus Ram Prasad, and finally, Anudeep versus Milind. Their task is to untie the other person tied with a rope.

Sounds easy, right? Let’s wait until we witness the real madness. Watch ZEE Heroes on ZEE5, before TV.

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