EXCLUSIVE: We Both Love Playing Ludo On The Set: Deepa Aka Subbalakshmi About Son Atharva

A role model for women in Karnataka and beyond, it’s time to find out more about the most optimistic actor you’ll ever meet; Deepa Bhaskar!

Parinika Uchil

October 15, 2019

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With an evergrowing passion for theatre, Deepa Bhaskar aka namma Subbalakshmi Gurumurthy from the Zee Kannada show Subbalakshmi Samsara is one of the best actress in the entire roster, and rightfully so. Having done many stage shows to date, Deepa comes to the industry with a great sense of professionalism and for every role, makes apt preparations. If you weren’t aware, the Subbalakshmi Samsara actress has dubbed for over 250 films including Jogi and Mungaru Male as well, isn’t that super cool? Currently, on the show, things are looking great for Subbi, especially now that Gurumurthy has come back wholeheartedly into her life. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and sincerely hope that there is a happily ever after, somewhere in there.

To know more about how Deepa got into this character and made the whole plot more relatable, I got the chance of conducting an¬†EXCLUSIVE interview of the actress in which she not only spoke about things like her journey until now and the experience but also revealed her chemistry with Atharva, Shanaya and Gurumurthy on and offset. Today, we will look at the first part of Deepa Bhaskar’s interview. No more delays, hope you enjoy the excerpts below…

Q. Subbalakshmi Samsara has crossed the 550 episode mark, how has your journey been so far?
A. This has exactly been like how life would be in a family, like in a samsara. There has been laughter, there has been pain, there have been troubles and the family standing together and facing it. We’ve had all sorts of ups and downs and it feels nice that we have crossed this landmark and are making attempts to reach the next landmark. It feels great because that family, when we all stand together, pain is always distributed and the burden doesn’t just fall on one person. So it feels really nice to say that out samsara has stood together been together and now we are all heading towards another level altogether.

Q. Was it difficult to get used to the new Gurumurthy as compared to the other actor who played Guru earlier?
A. See as an actor I would say that for example, you and I are new to Subbalakshmi and Gurumurthy. We’ve been knowing them just for the past three years. While Subbalakshmi knows Gurumurthy for maybe 15-16 years since they are married probably. It would easily be 10 years though because they have a 7-8-year-old kid give it plus or minus two years, so 10 years since they are married and they know each other for a long time. So as actors it is our challenge to not let that chemistry go-off for anybody. As Deepa, if you ask me, yes it did take a little time for him to get adjusted to his character and for me to get Subbalakshmi used to this Gurumurthy but as characters, they have known each other for a long time so I think that I did not let go in my head. That’s what I kept telling myself and that’s what I did on-screen as well.

Q. Who would you call your best friend on-set and why?
A. As I said, it’s our samsara so just saying one person would upset the other person so if I have to take names both Gurumurthy and Shanaya are my best friends. And of course, I shouldn’t miss my director here who is our grandmother of the set. So you need to have a daadi, you need you have your children and together it becomes a samsara. So I think all of us together, it’s really like a samsara. I honestly can’t pick just one person and let the other one go because you know there are characters who are all Shanaya’s friends, who are also my good friends on the set. All my on-screen villains are my off-screen friends.

Q. Can you reveal to us five best moments of yours from Subbalakshmi Samsara?
A. So I remember in one of the initial episodes, I remember laughing my heart out. This was a scene where Gurumurthy would have actually ordered a gift for Shanaya but would have delivered it to the wrong address which is actually ‘our’ house. I all of a sudden get this delivery and my in-laws are saying open the packet, it’s for you. So when I open the packet, I find a very sexy-nighty and (chuckles) I am like okay, why is Gurumurthy gifting me such sexy clothes, that is actually meant for Shanaya. But I end up receiving it and the moment he comes back home in the night, I am in the room wearing the nighty (laughs). This was one moment I really can’t forget in the entire Subbalakshmi Samsara show. While shooting this we all had such a laugh, we had to really control our laughter and say no we will get into the characters now and continue the shoot. That is one.

Another very heart-touching, heart-warming incident was when I was given about two-three pages of dialogue. It was a one-stretch shot of Subbalakshmi when she realises and when she finds out that her husband is actually having an affair. She is not able to control her emotions because she is not able to understand what is going on inside her mind. Whether she is angry or sad or she wants to scream or she wants to hit somebody or if she wants to just cry and drown in her tears. That’s the time her friends come home to console her and to check on her if she is doing fine or not and she goes a little crazy by offering to cook food or get some refreshments like as if nothing has happened. But then one of her friends gives her one tight slap to bring her back to reality and that’s when her emotions burst out. That was one scene where after my performance I remember the entire set clapped for five minutes and they said this was fantastic. So this is something that I cannot forget.

And also there has been another moment during the New Year’s episode when Subbalakshmi gets drunk. It was another one of Shanaya’s wicked trick and Subbalakshmi gets drunk and she ends up telling the truth in front of the divorce lawyer, who was actually in favour of Gurumurthy but that’s when she finds out the whole truth of what the situation is and that was another fantastic scene that I had done.

Q. Were there a lot of fun moments while working with Abhishek, aka Atharva, as your son?
A. We both love playing ludo on the set (laughs). Off-late we have been a little accident prone so I am always consoling him on the set telling him things like it’s okay, you can go back to your mother just after today or finish today and then tomorrow you can run back home and things like that. But otherwise, we both love playing ludo and mind you he is very smart while playing the game. He plans his moves so strategically that you have to be really careful playing with him so that is something that we really love doing. We have played ludo on-screen but off-screen this is how we are. He is a very good kid, but only when it comes to ludo (chuckles), he is the most strategic player.

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