EXCLUSIVE: Thayige Thakka Maga Actor Ashika Rangnath Gives Us Some FITNESS And BEAUTY TIPS

With a sweet message for her fans, this last part of Ashika’s EXCLUSIVE interview with us will keep you informed about her upcoming projects too!

Parinika Uchil

October 7, 2019


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With a unique set of beliefs and ideologies, the young 23-yeard-old millenial actress Ashika Rangnath has left behind many stereotypes in terms of the choice of films an actress has etc. Having completed 10 films in a span of a few years, Ashika Rangnath is by far one of the youngest and most successful actresses in Sandalwood and rightfully so. With different characters in each film, Ashika has loved embracing a challenge and loves surprises even more.

Having starred in hit movies like Raambo 2 and Thayige Thakka Maga, Ashika didn’t seem to mind short roles in other films like Mugulu Nage and her upcoming film Garuda. For her hard work and talents, the young actress has already got an award and has been nominated in his popular award functions more than twice. In the recent EXCLUSIVE interview with Ashika that was conducted by us, she revealed about her celeb crushes, her experience with co-star Sharan and much more. 

Bringing to you the final part of this interview with more interesting information about her fitness and beauty secrets, her upcoming projects and a special message for all fans. Enjoy the excerpts from the interview by scrolling down…

Q. Can you share some of your fitness and beauty secrets?

A. I think there are lots of ways to keep yourself fit. Not just hitting the gym, you can also go walking or jogging or even dancing. Basically it has to be some kind of physical activity. But as an actor, with all the work pressure and everything, gymming is easier.

On a hectic day, you can quickly go to the gym, work out for one hour and then come back. There is yoga as well, but it takes a longer time for the transformation to show. For an actor, it becomes difficult to maintain the yoga routine because there is a lot of travel involved, we don’t get much time, so gymming is easy that way.

Initially, I had thought gymming is just for my fitness purpose but now it has become a habit on a daily basis. For example, if I work out and come back home, I feel so satisfied and everything feels right with the world (laughs). It feels like I have done my part.

And not just for me as an actor, everyone should follow a fitness regime that suits their body types. It is important for everyone to not just rest all the time but also do something or the other to keep your self healthy.

I am the wrong person to ask for beauty tips because I don’t follow any of that (laughs). I have seen many videos online of DIY tutorials for beauty but I am very lazy that way and I don’t have any particular secrets as such. But ya, have lots of water, as much as you can because I do that.

Whether I am shooting or at home, I like to drink a lot of water and even coconut water, fresh fruits. These things keep me full most of the times so that I don’t feel like eating junk. This helps keep my face clear. When it comes to my hair, I just oil it twice or thrice in a week and then a proper hair wash, that’s all.

Q. Can you share some details about your upcoming films, Garuda, Rangamandira, Avatara Purusha and Raymo?

A. Okay, let’s start with Garuda first. The film was shot quite sometime back, almost two years now. But due to some technical reasons, they weren’t able to finish it and release it. And I had a very small role in the film but it is a good one. It should release this year-end, hopefully. That is what I know as of now because there is still a shoot for one song remaining. Since I have a very busy schedule as I am shooting for other films too, I haven’t gotten in touch with the team to decide about when we can do that.

With Rangamandira, we are done with the talkie portion. It is a new team and I wanted to experience working with a new team. Whoever I have worked with till now has been a very experienced director like Yogaraj Bhat, Shashank sir and all the big directors. So I just wanted to try with someone new and a proper new team. That was about Rangamandira and it is now in the post-production stage and we still have some shoots remaining for that.

For Avatara Purusha, my experience was great. It has a very strong technical team behind it. And I honestly had a very good time with that team. Again, we are expecting it to release at the end of this year and there are songs remaining in that one as well but the talkie portions are done as of now.

Finally, Raymo is still under the filming phase. At the moment, I am working on that. We finished a schedule in Hyderabad recently and another schedule has already begun. There is another film with Prajwal Devaraj and the shooting began in the first week of September.

Q. What message would like to give your fans?

A. I just want to thank them all as I often don’t find the time given my hectic schedule and since I am active on social media, I see all their support as I share parts of my life. It gives me happiness to see that when I share one picture of mine they show so much love and support by sharing my pics and honestly that is what makes up happy. Whatever I do, I just share it with everyone and if they are happy with it and they are sharing it around, it makes me feel truly blessed and delighted.

So I would definitely like to thank them for being so supportive and also I haven’t had any releases in the last six months or so and I know that a lot of them are waiting but I am taking some time to shoot for them. I would like to say that definitely I will not disappoint them once the films are released. Thanks to each and every one of them for being so loving.

Do you have any message for this cute actress? Send in your best wishes for her in the box provided below.

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