EXCLUSIVE! Shruti Haasan: I Checked Photos Of My Parents To Prepare For My Look In Yaara

In an exclusive chat, Shruti Haasan talks about preparing for the role of Sukanya in Yaara which is set between the 70s and the 90s.

Kenneth Carneiro

August 4, 2020


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Shruti Haasan has successfully stepped out from her parents’ shadow to make her own space in the industry. She seamlessly seems to fit in films across languages. She has been a part of Hindi films like Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Behen Hogi Teri apart from her work in Tamil and Telugu cinema. She will be seen in the upcoming film Yaara, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and her co-stars include Vidyut Jammwal and Amit Sadh.

Watch a trailer for Yaara here.

1. Yaara will be your first Hindi film in three years. How does it feel coming back to Hindi cinema? 

First of all, I don’t want to say I am coming back because I didn’t go to another planet or something. The film, Yaara was shot four years ago so it’s like a blast from the past. It was supposed to come out a while ago so I am really happy that it is finally out.

2. How excited are you that it is releasing on a digital platform and has been given a new life? 

I am a big fan of OTT platforms. Of course, the way it was shot and how our director, Tigmanshu Sir (Dhulia), imagined it was for a cinematic release. But I think with how the situation is right now we are really seeing how beneficial it is to have content releasing on OTT platforms. It is really exciting.

3. What was it about your character in Yaara that made you say yes to the role? 

As an actor, you are really looking forward to working with directors that you can learn a lot from. I have huge respect for Tigmanshu Sir and his work so that was the first reason I took up this role. Secondly, the character I play in the film is kind of the pivot from whom things take an interesting turn. It’s a very layered character and I had quite a few intense scenes. I am really honoured to have played this part.

4. The film is set in North India. So did you learn or practice the dialect of your character? 

No, when you see the film you will understand. But no I didn’t have to practice an accent for the role.

5. Yaara is set between the 70s and the 90s so what kind of looks did you try out for this role? 

For the 70s the look was all Tigmanshu Sir’s idea. He had a very clear brief and I got to wear bell bottoms go for a young make-up free natural look. For the 90s the character is older which is really exciting. I started looking at photos of my mother and father and their faces to see how they were ageing. I tried to follow that for my look because I didn’t want it to be like ‘Oh my god! I am so old!’

6. What was it like being on sets for this film?  

Tigmanshu sir was really like the dad on set. He was very nurturing and he inspired a sense of creativity and discipline that I really liked. Then there was a whole boys gang in the film which was a whole other vibe. I wasn’t part of the boy’s gang but it was fun.

7. You are also quite a talented singer. Did you lend your voice to any of the songs in the film? 

No, I didn’t sing in this film. It’s not compulsory that I have to sing in all the films that I am acting in as well.

8. Do you have a favourite song from the film? 

I actually liked the song they used in the teaser for the film. It is such a lively song.

Rapid Fire questions:

During the lockdown, do you miss being on stage more or being on sets?  

That’s a difficult one but I will have to say being on stage. I just came from a shoot so I got that share of thrill. I am still connected to my audience with the music I put online. But the feeling of being on stage with actual people in front of you is something that I really miss.

Who is that one person that you share a #BondOfYaara with in your life? 

I have so many Yaaras, but one of my closest friends is Brian. I met him when I was 19 and in music school in America. Even though he lives in America and lead our own lives he would call up to check on me once a week. Now with the lockdown, we talk almost every day. So that’s a friendship I really value.

In the teaser, there’s a line which says ‘Whenever my friend does something bad it brings shame to me’. So which of your friends is most likely to make you embarrassed? 

No, it’s the other way around. I am most likely to embarrass my friends always.

The film is about gangsters but in today’s language, the word gangster means something positive and cool. So what is the gangster moment in your life? 

I think just being an artist and doing what I love. It’s super gangster. And getting paid for it. Super G!

What is the first thing you want to do once the lockdown is lifted? 

I really want to go to the beach and eat at a shack.

Lastly, 5 reasons people should watch Yaara on ZEE5. 

It is a lovely story. It’s directed, shot, performed and put together interestingly. It takes you back to another time and reminds you of the importance of bonds in your life. The last two reasons are because I am in it.

Watch Yaara and action thriller about crime and friendships, releasing on Friendship Day, 30 July 2020 only on ZEE5.

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