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Exclusive! Priyal Gor Says Shooting For Love Sleep Repeat Was Like A Paid Holiday

Kenneth Carneiro

November 15, 2019

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Priyal Gor admits that she is exactly like her character Shailja in Love Sleep Repeat, and being most comfortable doing TV serials.

Love Sleep Repeat, which is streaming on ZEE5 since 7th November, sees Priyal Gor starring opposite Anshuman Malhotra. Priyal Gor has worked on multiple TV shows previously including ‘Ram Milaayi Jodi‘ where she starred opposite Nishant Malkani who now plays AJ on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. Priyal talks to us about how easy it was for her to play the role of Shailja on Love Sleep Repeat.

Int: What made you take the role of Shailja on Love Sleep Repeat? 

Priyal: Well I’m playing the role of Vishwas’ best friend. If you see my promo on the show I am exactly like that. My friends saw that and were like you are an effortless actor when it comes to playing this role (Shailja) because you are exactly like that in real life also. So it’s very comfortable and fun to play such characters

Watch a character promo of Priyal Gor as Shailja on Love Sleep Repeat here.

Int: My next question was going to be what character traits do you have in common with Shailja. But now I guess…

Priyal: Yeah, everything. (laughs) I really relate to everything. She is spontaneous and back-answers people. She is protective about her people. I love that about her like if she loves someone, she is genuine.

Int: So on Love Sleep Repeat are you just BFFs or is there more to your relationship? 

Priyal: No I’m just his BFF. Of course, I am in love with him and he behaves like a creep with me. (laughs) You will have to see the show to believe it.

Int: So you’ve worked in TV films and web? Which do you feel most comfortable with?

Priyal: I feel most comfortable doing TV, because I’ve been working in TV for 10 years now. So TV feels like home for me. Web series I just started around 3 years back. The good thing about web and movies is you get exposure and you get to experiment with characters. With TV serials you play one character for years. So both have their good points, but my roots are from TV so I am most comfortable with that.

Int: You’ve done bold roles in previous series, you’ve played a negative role in a serial before and now you play the girl-next-door. Do you pick roles to show your range as an actress? 

Priyal: Not really. It just happened, because I never plan things. I just do whatever comes my way and if I am comfortable doing it, I will take it. I’m not somebody who will plan things. But yeah, negative roles I haven’t done. Even if I might have done it, it might have been a 1-2 week track but I don’t do negative roles usually because I’m so bubbly, it won’t suit me.

Int: So if given a chance and if you wrote the story, which of the seven girls would you have Anshuman’s character Vishwas end up with? 

Priyal: Of course, Me. (laughs) Of course, without a doubt.

Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor in ZEE5 Original Love Sleep Repeat
Priyal Gor and Anshuman Malhotra share a unique bond on Love Sleep Repeat. (Source: Instagram)

Int: So how was your experience shooting for the series? 

Priyal: It was amazing because the team was young and we were shooting in Panchgini. The weather was amazing and it was like a paid holiday for us. But yeah, we only shot our scenes with Anshuman. So all the girls shot their scenes with Anshuman separately. We interacted later during the photoshoots, song shoots and I bonded with Teena (Singh) and Harshada (Vijay) as well.

Int: How important is love to you? Will you even give up your career for love. 

Priyal: If anyone asks me to sacrifice career, I will not fall in love with that person at all. Love is important and it is beautiful but like they say, ‘Pyaar karna aasaan hai, nibhana mushkil‘.

Int: You have a strict policy about not dating actors? Does that still hold?

Priyal: Yes. I still ever-much believe in that. I’ve dated actors before and not had a good experience so…

Int: What would be one aspect of millennial lives which is shown realistically in Love Sleep Repeat? 

Priyal: I think I really like Anshuman’s character. He is confused and stupid and doesn’t really know what he is doing like everyone is at that age. I’m like the motherly friend who keeps guiding him telling ‘Vishu ye mat kar’ and all.

Int: What projects will we see you in next? 

Priyal: So my movie with Vikram Bhatt is going to release probably next year. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m also working on a couple of web shows, kuch na kuch chalte rehta hai.

Int: What’s your new year resolution for 2020? 

Priyal: I’m going to work out. (laughs) I don’t work out at all and I saw it was my birthday few days ago and I thought I was looking fat in the pictures. Fat as per my levels, so I decided I was going to workout from now on.

Int: So you don’t workout or diet or anything to stay in shape? 

Priyal: Nothing at all. If I start dieting, I’d end up eating more. If I workout one day, I’ll end up sleeping for two days. I guess I workout, sleep, don’t repeat. (laughs) So I’m going to change that next year. That’s my only resolution, otherwise I’m pretty sorted.

Watch this cheerful and bubbly personality play a similar version of herself in Love, Sleep, Repeat, all episodes streaming on ZEE5.

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