EXCLUSIVE! Kanika Mann Aka Guddan Reveals 5 Reasons She Loves AJ

Kanika Mann, who plays Guddan on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, talks about her love for AJ (Nishant Malkani) & how she would deal with a real-life Antara

Kenneth Carneiro

July 23, 2019


3 min


In a monsoon special for the popular show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Nishant Malkani and Kanika Mann let their guard down to talk about their monsoon habits. Kanika Mann mentions her favourite rainy day activity is sitting with tea on her windowsill. The conversation moves on to their popular TV show. Here’s some of the answers Guddan gave about herself and other characters on the show.

Watch the monsoon special episode here.

What are 5 reasons Guddan loves AJ?

Don’t let AJ hear about this. (laughs) There are many reasons. The first one is the opposite personalities that they both have. They used to both think so highly of each other, but then, opposites attract. The second reason is of course good ‘luck’. The third reason is AJ has always been caring towards Guddan even if they were not as close or in love with each other. The fourth reason will have to be AJ’s dancing skills. He dances so well that if people found out that, then he would have to go on Dance India Dance and leave Guddan alone. The fifth reason is AJ is a big chef in Indore and it is obvious it’s good to be with a man who knows how to cook.

How would you deal with a person like Antara in real life? Like, if the ex of a person you were dating returned, how would you deal with that situation?

Well, if it was exactly the same situation as Antara then it would go down to murder I think. (Laughs) But no, I think I would sit them down for at least 20 minutes first and ask them a lot of questions about their past. It’s not like on the show someone can just come in and take your place in a relationship. That does not happen in real life. And also, if a person is not around for 7 years then the person is automatically assumed to be dead legally. So I could tell that ex to leave anyway.

Why do you think Durga and Saraswati hate Guddan so much?

Because they know that Guddan is better and more talented than them and it makes them jealous. They feel like they are the best but Guddan manages to anyhow stumble around and complete her tasks ahead of both of them. So I think they don’t like the fact that I end up defeating them every time.

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