EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Will Connect With You On A New Level, Says Natural Star Nani

From sharing his most emotional scene to his views on how an actor prepares for a role, Nani talks to us in an exclusive interview. Read it here.

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The latest sports film in the Telugu film industry released over two months back in April. But the name Jersey is enough to make us stand and take note. The film, led by Natural Star Nani, is the story of a man who once touched stardom with his cricketing skills, but couldn’t stay on top for long. His life comes crumbling down and he makes peace with his failure. Things begin to turn around when he desperately wants to be the ‘hero’ to his little son.

We got hold of the man himself, reeling in the success of his latest superhit, in an exclusive interview. Read the edited excerpts of his views on inspiration, father-son relationships and the ongoing World Cup.

Q. What do you feel about the character of Arjun in Jersey?

A. Jersey is the film that will always be memorable in my career. And I know how much it has touched the hearts of our audience. When I imagined and heard of Arjun, I thought of my father and then I saw myself. And now I know how much everyone has felt connected to Arjun.

Nani Jersey
Nani in Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Q. What was your favourite scene in the movie?

A. I have scored too many sixes throughout the film. But hitting a six into the gallery was my favourite.

Q. Which is the one match that you are looking forward to, in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

A. I don’t think I even need to answer that question. As an Indian, we all look forward to only one certain match. And that’s the one.

Nani Jersey
A still from Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Q. What advice would you like to give to Team India?

A. They are already playing very well. I don’t need to give any advice. I am sure our boys will rock.

Q. What do you think about the relationship between a father and son in Jersey?

A. I think it’s the most special bond in the world. And everyone who watches Jersey, it’ll touch your heart on a very different level.

Nani Jersey
A moment from Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Q. How did you prepare for the role?

A. When the story has so much potential, it’ll automatically prepare you. I believe it’s the script that inspires our performance. Jersey was so inspiring that I didn’t need to prepare separately. Just reacting perfectly to the script was enough.

Q. What is your favourite father-son moment in Jersey?

A. The scene where the son says, “nuvve aaditey hero laga untavvu nanna” (when you play you’re like a hero, dad).

Nani Jersey
A moment from the movie (Source: Instagram)

Q. Any advice to fathers?

A. I think I haven’t reached the age or the maturity to be giving any advice to fathers. It’s a very different relationship. I don’t think it works with advice or anything.

If you haven’t already watched the film, call your dad and save the date. Nani’s Jersey releases digitally on ZEE5 on June 15, 2019.

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