EXCLUSIVE! Fittrat Actress Anushka Ranjan: I Am In Awe Of Krystle D’souza

I am in awe of her definitely, she is a beautiful person. We are such cartoons!

Aayushi Sharma

October 22, 2019


5 min


Ekta was the one who told us about the roles first actually. We went for a reading and she was like, you know na you both are playing roles opposite to your real-life personalities. Like, I am playing Krystle and she is playing Anushka. My character Amy is very docile and soft-spoken, if you abuse in front of her, she will be like ‘haww kya keh diya?’ I am very bindass in my real-life. I have always been around boys, I have more guy friends that girl friends because that’s my comfort-zone: drama free. I was really excited to explore that I can look cute and speak softly and have that side come on the screen. There were times when I had to control my hands, usually when I talk my hands are like all over the place. I had to be like, listen you are classy, act like a lady. Speak softly. Krystle, on the other hand, had to be this rowdy character. I was like, I will teach you. I have always been a Sanjay Dutt fan. It was a lot of fun.

There is nothing similar between me and Amy. Her personality is vulnerable and gullible. I am not someone who can be made to think something or convinced of anything. I am very practical in real life. I am not an emotional person, I have a practical outlook towards every relationship in my life. Even when my parents discuss marriage, my mother is all like – heart heart heart and my father is very practical. I am like, Papa, I am your daughter only, don’t worry agar main kuch karungi, soch samajh kar he karungi. Amy is all heart, all cutesy and everything. I find it very scary sometimes, I know girls like her. How can you take decisions based on emotions alone? Amy and I certainly are very different.

I started shooting in Delhi, initially, I didn’t get to shoot much with her. Then we started hanging out on the terrace hotel and I got to know her. I kind of took a liking for her. She is very loving and caring to a point that I think how can someone take care of someone who is not themselves? She’d take care of what we have eaten and how we are doing, things like that. Even as a performer, I was very impressed by the fact that she didn’t have any qualms like I am the second girl in the show. Girls have these issues you hear of that they feel like how other person’s hair and makeup is, how is she dressed, etc. But in Krystle, I found a bro. I was like let’s chill. I’d invite her over, I love to be at home. I’d either watch TV or play board games, I just love hanging around at my place. Our nature may be different, but as core people, we have the same upbringing and so we got along really well. She even came to my birthday in Europe. I just wanted my few close people, enjoy and eat a lot. We didn’t hit it off since the first time we met, we grew on each other. She sits with my mom, talks trash…I have found a family in her.

She was very easy on day one only. I had to walk in the rain and my hair was unmanageable. She’d keep twisting my locks, making them look proper. That’s something even I’d do. I think it’s very easy. Back in the day on ITA Awards, we have danced together on the same song. We have pictures from 2014 and all, but it took its due course and rightly so. I believe all relationships don’t grow overnight. I sound like her girlfriend, oh my god! (laughs). I am in awe of her definitely, she is a beautiful person. We are such cartoons!

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