Exclusive: Asha Negi Gets Candid About Her Role In Baarish 2, Working With Jeetu Ji & More

“Gauravi is like Asha in real life,” says the Baarish actress while talking about season 2, her post-pandemic plans and what’s on her binge-watch list

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May 4, 2020


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The upcoming popular romantic drama series Baarish 2, features Asha Negi, and Sharman Joshi in lead roles. The first installment of the series received overwhelming love from the audience and it gave several reasons to the audience to fall in love with the pair. After the success of the first season, the makers launched the second season of Baarish.

The story of the series revolves around a rich diamond merchant, Anuj and a middle-class girl Gauravi. Anuj and Gauravi both win the audience’s hearts with their imperfect love story. In an exclusive interview with the lead actress, Asha Negi who essays the role of Gauravi in the series, shared her gratitude towards the audiences for their overwhelming love towards her and her show. The gorgeous diva talks about her experience working with the legendary actor Jeetendra Kapoor, her role as Gauravi, and much more.

Are you excited for Baarish season 2?

Very excited for season 2 of Baarish, the entire team has worked really hard and has taken the show a notch higher. We received a lot of love from the audiences for season one of Baarish, and we hope they like and shower all the love for season 2 also. 

The audience have given immense love to Gauravi and Anuj, what do you have to say about it?

Yes, we are really grateful and thankful to our audience that gave so much love to Anuj and Gauravi. Audiences still call us Gauravi ji and Anuj ji and we feel so nice. We are really lucky and grateful that the audience watched our show, and loved our characters especially the simplicity and chemistry.

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Jeetendraji has made his digital debut in this series. How was your experience working with the legend?

It was lovely working with him. We all were as excited as little kiddos, when we were told Jeetu ji was going to come to the set. He used to be so punctual and he used to sit on the sets even though the directors did not call him. He would just come and sit on the sets and used to say ‘No I will come and sit, as I don’t want to sit in the van, it’s nice here.’ He is so cute and he used to tell us so many stories about his shoots and stories of other legendary actors and we used to be in awe of him. We had a lot of fun with him. It was a lovely experience and I want to thank Ekta ma’am as we never imagined we would work with him. He loved season 1 and called me and now we are working with him. It is amazing.

Any memorable moments while shooting the second season?

There are many memorable moments that I still cherish. It was a happy team and a happy director. There are many not one but many memorable moments. 

Gauravi and Anuj taught everyone the beauty of an imperfect relationship. What do you have to say about that?

Yes, Anuj and Gauravi did teach audiences the beauty of an imperfect relationship. I think that’s what the audiences liked about the pair. The pureness of the relationship was still intact. It was so raw, how it is in real life, and that’s what people really liked.

How well do you relate with your character?

I relate to my character quite a lot. Gauravi is like Asha in real life, and when it comes to being responsible, independent, loving the family I am quite like Gauravi.

In the show, Gauravi took the blame on herself and went to jail for Anuj. How far would you go to protect a loved one, in real life? 

If I love someone, a friend or a family, or my partner I would make sure that they are out of a difficult situation. Not sure if I would go to jail (laughs).

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What have you binge-watched on ZEE5?

I have binge-watched my show Baarish and my favorite film Laila Majnu 4-5 times. I have also watched Abhay (starring Kunal Kemmu) which is a fantastic series.

What’s your post-pandemic plan?

Will go to my favorite restaurants and I miss going to the theaters. I will also start shooting as I really miss doing that. But I might also have lockdown withdrawals as I have started loving this life.

At the end of the teaser, we saw Gauravi and Anuj heading for divorce?

Yes, Anuj and Gauravi are heading for divorce. But for all your unanswered questions, you will have to watch season 2 of Baarish.


A still of Asha Negi from Baarish
A still of Asha Negi from Baarish














Unlike the first season, this time Anuj and Gauravi are quite vocal about their love.

Yes, they are vocal about their love. That’s what I meant that the series has been a notch higher. Anuj and Gauravi are married and it has been a long time since then, and now they will have to balance it out. We tried giving something new to the audiences.

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