European Union Launches Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

European nations have begun vaccinating a huge number of their population against the deadly coronavirus.

Isha Khatu

December 28, 2020

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Several countries have begun vaccinating their citizens with the COVID-19 vaccines. Recently, the European Union launched a mass COVID-19 vaccination drive. With the pandemic that went up to almost a year, holidays being cancelled and many more such changes, the Pfizer vaccine was like a ray of hope in many countries across the globe. Take a look at these citizens who got vaccinated in European countries:

European Union starts a massive COVID-19 vaccination drive

European countries have finally received a huge amount of vaccine and have begun their mass vaccination drive. In Germany, a 101-year-old woman received the first vaccine in the country. Gertrude Haase was surrounded by the frontline workers who were to get the vaccine next. Germany started giving out vaccines on Saturday mentioning that the country cannot wait a day longer to give the vaccines. Haase said that the virus is very dangerous and we have heard a lot about it through the news. She added that many people are dying and she feels lucky to be at the old age home to get the first vaccine in Germany.

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In Spain, a 96-year-old nursing home resident and a nurse are one of the first few recipients of the vaccine. Almost 50,000 people have died in Spain so far.  Monica Tapias said that she is happy that the country wants to vaccinate the majority of people in such a small span. In Madrid, people have welcomed the mass vaccination in huge numbers. Jaime Sepulcre, a Madrid resident said that this is a piece of good news that they have received in a long time. Another resident Juani added that he is excited to get the vaccine as soon as possible. He also said that the people close to him should also receive it soon.

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In Sweden, 89-year-old old man and a nurse received the first two vaccines. Meanwhile, in Austria, front line workers will be the first in line to get the COVID-19 vaccines. Austria is currently in its third lockdown and shops, schools and colleges will reopen on January 18. The Czech Republic also began with its mass vaccination drive. The prime minister of the country Andrej Babis became the first to get the vaccine.

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