Europe Prepares For Second Wave Of Coronavirus Amidst Surging Infections

Several nations including France, Spain, the Netherlands will possibly impose new lockdown rules amidst rising infections and hospitalisations due to COVID19

Raghav N

October 15, 2020

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There is widespread panic amongst people as Europe is already dealing with a second wave of the lethal Coronavirus. The governments of many EU countries are expected to reimpose tighter COVID19 guidelines and even renew lockdowns in some of the regions.

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to address his nation soon with new updates. Small businessmen in France are worried as they struggle to get over the losses incurred during the earlier lockdown of three months. With a daily surge in infections and rising deaths from the virus, the French people are bracing themselves for another probable home confinement.

In Spain, with more than 10,000 cases daily and rising hospitalisation, the doctors and nurses are facing emotional fatigue. Madrid is the worst-hit city, recording double the cases compared to the national average rate. Catalonia has already shut down its pubs and restaurants for the next 15 days as a preventive measure.

In the Czech Republic, the rate of hospital admissions has gone up by six times as compared to the first wave. With more than 4000 medics infected, the country is facing a serious shortage of health staff. The government has also asked schools to teach online till at least 1 November.

The highest per capita infection in the world has been reported from the Netherlands. Though all the pubs and restaurants have been closed for the next four weeks, public transport and schools continue to operate.

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